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ATM Charges and Transaction Charges - Canara Bank
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Debit cards help free us from the added burden of carrying cash wherever we go. We can easily withdraw cash from our accounts whenever we require it with the help of Canara Bank Debit Cards. Let us know the ATM and transaction charges of Canara Bank Debit Card here:

Withdrawal at Canara Bank ATM

Fees of withdrawal at Canara Bank ATM: Nil

If the total number of financial & non-financial transactions at other Banks’ ATM exceed 5 times in a calendar month (for savings account holders), then the following charges apply:

  • Non-financial transaction: Rs. 10

  • Financial transaction: Rs.20

Note: For Current a/c and Overdraft/OCC accounts, the above-mentioned charges apply to all transactions.

Withdrawal at other bank ATMs

  • ATM charges for insufficient funds when used in other bank ATMs: Rs.20

  • Apart from 5 times, the cap on the number of withdrawals is 3 in six metro cities, which are Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Hyderabad)

Withdrawal at International ATMs

  • Cash withdrawal at International ATMs: USD 1.7

Canara Bank Transaction Charges

Fuel Surcharge on purchase of petrol and petroleum products:

  • 2.5% of the purchase amount, with a minimum of Rs.10/- (presently charged by the acquiring banks).

  • Maximum of Rs. 100/- in the billing month would be reimbursed in the following cases:

    • The card should have been used for a minimum purchase of Rs.2,500/- during the billing month.

    • Minimum purchase of petrol & petroleum products/occasion (ticket size) should be Rs 400 for availing this scheme.

    Charges at merchant establishments

  • For transaction at Canara Bank merchant establishments - Free

  • For transactions at other bank merchants - Rs.100

  • For transactions abroad - Rs.125