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Check Canara Bank Credit Card Statement
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A Canara Bank credit card holder can check the statement through any of the following methods:

Net Banking

First of all, you must register your credit card with the net banking portal of Canara Bank. After registration, you can successfully log in and check all your Canara Bank credit card bills and payments by navigating to the credit card section.

Mobile App

Canara bank has its own unique app for all your banking needs. You can access your credit card statement through the mobile application and check the balance, credit card limit, due date,minimum due, and other credit card related information.


The bank provides SMS alerts in real-time, to ensure safety as well as convenience. You will be notified about the amount used during the current purchase, the time of purchase, and the credit card balance.

Customer Care Service 

If you don’t have access to the internet or are not comfortable using it, then you can always call 1800 425 0018 to enquire about details regarding your credit card.

Through ATM

You can also use your PIN code as an access number to check your credit card balance at any Canara Bank ATM.

Visit a Branch

You can also visit a Canara Bank branch and enquire about your credit card statement or other related information.

Monthly Statement

You can also subscribe to receive your Canara Bank credit card statement through post every month if you don’t have an email ID. However, nowadays banks prefer to send statements through email to reduce paper wastage and contribute to saving the environment.