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How to Link Aadhaar Card to PNB Bank Account
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Punjab National Bank is a government-owned bank based in New Delhi. It was founded back in 1894 in Lahore (in present-day Pakistan), with the aim to build a nationalized bank that will work towards the betterment of the Indian economy. It was inspired by the Swadeshi movement. The founding board of the bank comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, united by the same objective - to start a national bank to further the economic interest of the nation. Now PNB has nearly 7000 branches all over India. The stocks of PNB are available for trading. The PNB share price is listed on both NSE (National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) where the shares can be bought and sold. Although PNB has always shown adequate competency in generating profit, the bank took a huge hit in 2017 due to a notorious loan scam affected, and the Punjab National Bank share price toppled down the hill. However, the bank is striving hard to recover the loss and is expected to be back in the game with its previous glory very soon.

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Just like all other banks in India, people who have their accounts in Punjab National Bank must also get the account linked with their Aadhaar numbers. Failing this might lead to serious consequences like the bank account being deactivated. PNB permits the account holders to link their Aadhaar numbers with their bank accounts through different modes, such as PNB Net Banking, ATM, SMS or even by visiting the bank. Let us briefly glance through the four different ways in which Aadhaar can be linked with Punjab National Bank accounts:

PNB Website

Customers of PNB can easily link their bank accounts with their Aadhaar number by simply visiting the bank’s official website. Customers can follow these steps to complete the procedure:

  • Click on this link to visit the web portal:

  • Enter the account number along with the registered mobile number

  • Click on the “Continue” button to receive an OTP on the registered mobile phone

  • Enter this OTP in the designated box as well as the Captcha Code to authenticate the transaction and then click on the “Validate” button.

  • A new page will open where you can enter your Aadhaar number and then click on "Continue"

  • Another OTP is sent to the mobile number that is registered with UIDAI

  • Enter the OTP again and click on “Validate”

  • You will get a confirmation SMS on the registered mobile number upon successful linking of the two

PNB Netbanking

PNB account holders who have already registered for the net banking facility can also link their PNB accounts with Aadhaar through their net banking accounts by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of Punjab National Bank.

  • Click on the "Retail or Corporate Internet Banking" option.

  • Log in to your account using your PNB User ID and password.

  • Click on “Requests” in the “Services” tab.

  • Select the option called "Aadhaar linking with your bank account."

  • Enter your Aadhaar twice in the designated boxes and then click on "Confirm."

  • The request will be submitted for processing.

  • You will get a confirmation SMS on the registered mobile number upon successful linking of the two


Customers of PNB can easily seed Aadhaar with their account by using the SMS facility. Here's what needs to be done:

  • Go to the 'Messages' menu on the mobile phone

  • Make sure that the SIM card in the mobile phone is the same as the one registered with the concerned bank account

  • Type the following: AADHAR <space> <Account number> <space> <Aadhaar number>

  • Send a text message (SMS) from the registered mobile number to 5607040

For example, if the Aadhaar number is 123456789000 and the account number is 122333444455555, then the following message must be typed:

  • AADHAR 122333444455555 123456789000

  • Send this message to 5607040

It will take two working days for this process to work. Once the Aadhaar is linked with the bank account, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number, informing the account holder regarding the successful seeding of Aadhaar with the bank account.

Visiting the Branch

People who are not quite tech-savvy and prefer old-school banking can just visit the home branch directly to link their PNB accounts with Aadhaar. Most aged, specially-abled and senior citizens prefer this mode to link their bank accounts with Aadhaar to using internet or SMS. These simple steps can get the job done very easily:

  • Visit the home branch where the account is maintained.

  • Obtain the Aadhaar seeding form from the bank.

  • Fill up the form by entering the Aadhaar number, bank details, the name of the account holder (it should match with the name mentioned in the Aadhaar), and other necessary information.

  • Submit the form along with the self-attested photocopy of the Aadhaar card and the bank account passbook.

  • Furnish the original Aadhaar card before the executive for verification.

  • Once the form is accepted, an acknowledgment receipt will be issued.

  • You can use the number to track the status of the task.

  • Once the seeding is successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS on the registered mobile number.