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Punjab National Bank
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Punjab National Bank, or PNB, is one of the largest public-sector banks in India. The bank was founded in 1894 and had its headquarters in Delhi. Punjab National Bank has an extensive network of 7000 branches, more than ten thousand ATMs across 764 cities and over 110 million customers. Such a vast network of branch offices is impressive and speaks of the bank’s position in the banking industry. In addition to this, PNB has a significant international footprint. It has a subsidiary in the UK with seven branches as well as other branches in cities like Hong Kong, Dubai, Kowloon, and Kabul. The bank also has representative offices in Almaty, Dubai, Shanghai, Oslo, and Sydney. It also owns 51% of shares of Druk PNB in Bhutan with five branches.

PNB offers a wide range of products and services to its customers including savings accounts, fixed deposits, home loans, personal loans, mortgage loans, vehicle loans, gold loans, etc. mymoneykarma gives you a glimpse into these PNB services.

PNB Facilities

In addition to the various financial products, the bank offers several facilities intended to enrich its customer experience which are listed below.

  • PNB Net Banking

  • PNB Mobile Banking

  • PNB Customer Care Services

  • PNB Mobile App


The PNB IFSC code is used for several electronic financial transactions for PNB customers. Each branch of PNB has a unique IFSC code. The first four letters are PUNB, and the last six letters represent the branch code. An example would be PUNB0003035.

PNB Home Loans

Most families dream of owning a house someday. Punjab National Bank is dedicated to fulfilling this dream by helping families across the country and abroad in getting their own homes. PNB offers home loans at affordable rates of interest and manageable loan tenures. PNB home loans provide the following benefits:

  • Instant e-approval

  • Easy and affordable home loan EMIs

  • Facility to transfer the outstanding balance from other banks to PNB and save on the interest amount.

PNB Vehicle Loans

In the modern age, people need a personal means of transport for their daily commute as public means of transport are unreliable and rather slow. PNB helps customers realize their dreams of their transport by offering two-wheeler and car loans.

  • PNB Car Loans: Cars are fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. PNB recognizes this growing need and has come up with affordable car loans to help customers buy their dream cars.

  • PNB Two-wheeler Loans: Two wheelers are much more accessible and easier to maintain. PNB helps customers get their two-wheelers through their two-wheeler loans.

PNB Education Loans

Higher education is essential for the further development of careers and personalities of students. However, with a college education becoming costlier by the day, not many students and their families can afford it. PNB offers different types of education loans to help these students and their families fulfill their dreams of education in a top institute.

  • PNB Saraswati loan: To provide financial support to students for pursuing higher education in India.

  • PNB Pratibha loan: To provide financial assistance to students for admissions in Premier Institutes in India.

  • PNB Udaan loan: To provide financial support to meritorious students for pursuing higher education abroad.

PNB Personal Loans

PNB provides personal loans to its customers for their financial needs at very affordable rates of interest and easy EMIs. The benefits of PNB personal loans are given below.

  • Easy and straightforward loan application process

  • Effortless and hassle-free documentation process

  • No need for collateral and other security

  • Swift approval of loans

PNB Gold Loans

Punjab National Bank provides you with a gold loan that you can use for purposes like agriculture and related activities, for non-productive purposes like marriage expenses, medical and educational expenses and for meeting unforeseen expenses. Security includes gold ornaments, jewelry and gold coins issued by PNB or any scheduled bank. Before signing up for the loan, be sure to check the current gold rate.

PNB provides its customers with gold loans for financing all types of financial requirements that its customers have. The following features of the gold loans from PNB make them popular among customers

  • Gold sealed in the presence of customers

  • Highest security provided to the storage of gold articles

  • Status of loan processing conveyed to customers swiftly

  • Fast and efficient loan approval process.

PNB MSME Loans  

PNB stands by the micro, mini, small and medium enterprises and is committed to their growth and development. That’s why PNB has come up with several MSME loans at affordable rates that provide capital to these industries for business expansion.

PNB Loan Against Property

A customer can meet their urgent financial needs with the help of a loan against property from Punjab National Bank. These loans can be obtained for various purposes like medical emergencies or business expansion. The features of the LAP are mentioned below.

  • Low EMIs

  • Immediate Funds availability

  • Fast and easy Loan Processing             

  • Speedy Approvals                                     

  • Flexible Tenure                                     

  • Simple and Hassle free Documentation                           

  • Easy Balance Transferring

PNB Working Capital Loans

PNB offers working capital loans to meet short term fund requirements of businesses. PNB’s working capital loans are provided to all segments of industry, trade and the services sector. The facilities of the loans include cash credit, demand loan, and bill discounting.

PNB Savings Accounts

PNB also offers a range of savings bank accounts for all types of customers. All saving accounts offered by the bank earn a significant interest rate.

  • General savings account: This savings account is provided to resident individuals either by themselves or as a joint account.

  • Premier savings account: This savings account is offered to associations, trusts, Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs), clubs, societies, etc. subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria.

PNB Fixed Deposits

PNB customers can now make sound financial investments with PNB fixed deposit schemes. These schemes give customers a tax-free source of savings. The customers have to make an initial minimum deposit of Rs.10000 and after that in multiples of Rs. 1000. The maximum amount a customer can deposit is Rs. 10 crores.

PNB Insurance Plans

PNB has merged with one of the world’s leading life insurance providers MetLife, Inc. to provide robust insurance plans with the credibility and reliability of Punjab National Bank. PNB MetLife offers various insurance plans such as life insurance and medical insurance. The broad distribution and extensive network of PNB, together with the global expertise and product range of MetLife, make this merger a reliable and trusted insurance provider.

PNB Debit Cards

Punjab National Bank offers a range of debit cards that are designed according to the customers’ various needs. This service is complimentary with PNB savings accounts. These debit cards are customized to provide the convenience of cashless transactions and other value-added benefits.