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SBI is one of the largest banks in India with over 15000 branches all over the country. After the SBI merger with 5 other associate banks, it is considered to be one of the top 50 banks globally in terms of assets. This merger resulted in an increased reach of the bank. However, the rising popularity of internet banking amongst its customers led to the formation of SBI netbanking portal. After an individual/company has completed SBI netbanking online registration, they can enjoy the benefits of internet banking. SBI online account has many features like instant fund transfer, booking tickets, mobile recharge, etc. SBI provides online services to retail as well as corporate customers.

Retail Internet Banking

Retail netbanking refers to the internet banking service that caters to individual customers. SBI online portal provides many services linked to retail internet banking. Some of the retail internet banking services are-

  1. Online transfer of funds

  2. Varieties of investment options like fixed, recurring and flexi deposits

  3. Booking flight, train or bus tickets online

  4. Hotel-booking

  5. Instant mobile recharges

  6. Filing of income tax electronically

  7. DEMAT services

  8. IPO services

Corporate Internet Banking

SBI corporate netbanking allows non-individual customers like companies, partnerships, firms, etc. to avail the benefits of online banking through its portal. The services provided by SBI corporate internet banking are:

  1. The netbanking account can be operated from anywhere in the world. The customer can avail the benefits of convenience banking through corporate netbanking

  2. The transaction done via netbanking are secure

  3. The company/firm can make and receive payments throughout the day

  4. Bills can be paid at anytime of the day

  5. Companies and firms can apply for IPOs online

  6. Easy transfer of funds to other SBI account

  7. Easy money transfer to other bank accounts

  8. Salary payments

  9. Tax payments

  10. Filing income tax returns


What is VeriSign?

VeriSign is considered to be one of the largest internet certification authority. SBI uses VeriSign to ensure the security of its customers registered with retail and corporate internet banking. It helps to keep the online banking experience isolated from malicious attacks by hackers by encrypting every session of their customers. SBI has a robust internet security system, where all the transactions of its customers are facilitated by the SSL encrypted system, which is considered to be the highest level of security on the internet.

Features of VeriSign

  1. Largest internet certification company
  2. The security certificate provided by VeriSign can be confirmed from the padlock symbol in the status bar or address bar

SBI ensures protection to its customers against unauthorised login or viewing of their netbanking account in following ways-

  1. The account is locked after three unsuccessful attempts of login
  2. The session is closed after five minutes of inactivity to prevent unauthorised viewing of its customer’s account

The net banking users can also help in securing their account by the following ways:

  1. Set up a strong password
  2. Avoid providing account details like user ID and password to any individual, since the bank never asks for their netbanking user’s account details.
  3. Not sharing their password with anyone

FAQS on SBI Netbanking

Non-individuals such as firms, non-agency banks, government departments, trusts, corporations, enterprizes, etc. can benefit from corporate netbanking.

  1. IPO services

  2. DEMAT

  3. Transfer and receiving of funds

  4. Tax payment

  5. Generates report of MIS(MAnagement Information System)

SSL certificates are data files containing the details of an organization in the form of a cryptographic key. SBI uses SSl certificate to ensure the safety of its online customers. Protection Status