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Bank of Baroda Loan Against Property
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Bank of Baroda Loan Against Property is a multipurpose loan that assists people in taking credit against their assets during times when they face a financial crunch. The loan comes with its own set of properties and features.

BOB Loan Against Property Interest Rates and Processing Fees

The rate of interest levied on loan against property ranges from 10.35% (1 Year MCLR + premium + 1.75%) to 12.10% (One year MCLR + premium + 3.50%) per annum.

Processing Fees

The processing fee levied by the bank on loans against residential or commercial property is 1% of the loan amount, with a maximum cap of ?1,50,000/- and at a minimum of ?7,500.

For overdraft loan, the bank levies a processing fee of 0.35% of the loan amount if it is up to ?3 crores and 0.25% of the loan amount if it is above ?3 crores.



Interest Rate

9.65% - 12.45%

Loan Amount

Minimum amount: ?1 lakh

Maximum amount

Rural areas: ?10 Lakhs

Other areas: ?3 Crores

Loan Period

Up to 7 years

Processing Fee

1% of the loan amount 

Bank of Baroda Loan Against Property Scheme

Baroda Overdraft Against the Land and Building

  • Purpose: To provide hassle-free credit to SME borrowers for meeting working capital requirements.

  • Minimum limit: Rs.10 lakhs

  • Mortgage of factory land and building or any other property belonging to the unit, promoters of the business group, or close relatives of the developers (such as father, mother, wife, son, and daughter - based on the condition that they stand as guarantors).

  • Note: In case of a residential or commercial building, the age of the property shouldn’t be more than 25 years at the time of loan sanctioning.

Features of BOB Loan Against Property

  • The loan can be used for various purposes, such as business expansion, funding of children’s education, vacations, etc.

  • This loan can be availed either as an overdraft facility or as a demand loan, depending upon the requirement of the customer.

  • The loan quantum can range from ?1 lakh to 3 crores; however, it varies based on the residential area of the applicant.

    • An applicant residing in a rural area can apply for a maximum loan amount of Rs.10 lakhs.

    • The applicants living in semi-rural or urban areas can get a maximum loan quantum of up to Rs.3 crores.

  • The eligible loan amount varies depending on the business profile of the applicant as well. A salaried professional can avail a loan of up to 36 times his gross income, whereas a self-employed professional can avail a loan up to 5 times the average of his last three years’ annual income.

  • The loan has to be paid in the form of monthly EMIs. The maximum number of EMIs is 84, as fixed by the bank.

  • BOB loan against property is a secured loan, and its documentation process is quite easy.

  • The bank also sanctions loans to individuals who want to transfer their existing loans to Bank of Baroda at low interest rates.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: The permissible age limit for borrowers is 21-60 years.

  • Job experience: The salaried applicant should have at least three years of job experience in total.

  • A self-employed applicant should have been in his current business for the last three years.

  • The gross annual income of the applicant, whether salaried or self-employed, should be a minimum of Rs.60000/annum, which means that an applicant in his current job/business must at least earn Rs.5000/month.

Documents Required

The list of documents that the applicant should furnish during loan application are as follows:

For Salaried Employees

  • Duly filled in loan application form

  • Identity proof: Voter ID, PAN, aadhaar, office ID, etc.

  • Address proof: Voter ID Card, aadhaar, utility bills, etc.

  • Income proof: Form-16, a salary certificate from the employer, and salary slips.

For Professionals/Self-employed Individuals

  • Duly filled in loan application form

  • Identity proof: Voter ID, PAN, aadhaar, office ID, etc.

  • Address proof: Voter ID Card, aadhaar, utility bills, etc.

  • ITR for the past three years

  • Latest income tax assessment order (for a loan amount of over ?5 lakhs as overdraft facility)

  • Income certificate from an appropriate revenue authority, such as Tehsildar/BDO/SDO (for agriculturists)

  • Original sale deeds of the property offered for mortgage

  • Payment receipt of latest maintenance, water tax, municipal tax, and any other taxes

  • Non-encumbrance letter from Sub-registrar’s office.

  • Permission to create an equitable mortgage from the society’s association board.

  • Last six months’ bank statements

BOB Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

The BOB EMI calculator for a loan against property helps the applicant to decide the loan amount that they can apply for, apart from other facets of the loan. The loan applicant can visit the official website of Bank of Baroda to use the EMI calculator. The applicant just needs to fill in the amount along with the prevailing interest rate. After choosing the desired amount and loan tenure on the slider of the calculator, the amount of EMI can be determined.

How to Apply for BOB Loan Against Property

  • Visit a BOB bank branch and follow these three steps to apply for a loan against property:

    • Fill in the application form and paste photos as required

    • Attach all the KYC documents and property documents as specified by the bank

    • Submit it to the office of BOB’s loan department

Applying Online

You can also visit the official website of Bank of Baroda and click on the ‘Apply Now’ option under the ‘Loan Against Property’ page. A new page will open, where you will have to fill in personal and income details. After completing the application form, submit it. A representative from BOB will call you for the required documents, following which it will be sent for approval.


What are that properties that can be mortgaged for Bank of Baroda loan against property?

Self-occupied residential properties and commercial properties such as shops and offices can be considered as collateral.

What is the maximum amount of loan that I can get as Bank of Baroda loan against property?

You can get a loan amount of up to Rs. 10 crores.