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Generate a Bank Statement from Andhra Bank
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Andhra Bank is a well-known bank in India, which provides its account holders with a wide range of facilities. However, if you still want to know the nitty-gritty of your account, you would have to access your bank account statement. Let’s look at the various ways through which you can generate an Andhra Bank account statement.

Three Ways to Get a Hold of Your Account Statement:

  • Through Andhra Bank online

  • On your Andhra Bank Passbook

  • By visiting an Andhra Bank branch

How to Get a Bank Account Statement Using Andhra Bank Internet Banking

To use Andhra Bank’s internet banking, you need to have activated internet banking on your account. 

  1. Login to Andhra Bank Internet Banking using your username and password.

  2. Click on the ‘Account Statements’ option.

  3. To download and get the Andhra Bank account statement:

  •       Select the account

  •       Select the duration

  •       Download the e-statement

Once you have downloaded your e-statement, you can either take a printout or save it for future reference.

How to Get a Bank Account Statement on Your Andhra Bank Passbook

If you don’t have an active Net Banking account, you can always get your account statement using your passbook.

You can visit your Andhra Bank home branch and ask the bank executive to update your passbook. Alternatively, you can also use any Andhra Bank Kiosk to update your Andhra Bank account statement.

How to Get a Bank Account Statement by Visiting Your Andhra Bank Home Branch?

If you have not activated your Internet Banking, you can always request a bank executive at your Andhra Bank home branch to generate an account statement for a specific period, as per your choice.

Happy Banking!