Get Over The Phobia of Buying Pre-owned Items

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We all like buying new things. The pleasure that we get from first ownership is unparalleled - be it the first toy that you played with as a kid or the lavish car that you bought when you were thirty years old. It gives us a sense of confidence and immense pleasure when we buy something brand new for ourselves.

Before you get carried away in the nostalgia-lane of your "possessions", consider these facts.

  1. A new cotton T-shirt is responsible for one-third of the pesticides dumped into the fields

  2. 95% of the books are made from virgin paper

  3. A pre-used good can cost you about 90% less than a new one!

  4. 48% of plastic consumed in India is from packaging

Does that put things in a different perspective?

It is easy to see that consumption has several unfavourable effects - enough to make one reconsider his buying habits. However, apart from the serious environmental consequences and high-cost, there are other reasons why you must consider buying pre-owned items.

Why you should get over the phobia of buying pre-owned items

Here's a list of reasons why you must might as well start making use of handed down commodities.

It's great for the environment

With concerns over environmental protection taking the center stage in all the debates concerning the development of growth of the nations, it's essential for individuals to acquire habits that are more environment-friendly in their personal space.

Did you know that about 1800 gallons of water is used to produce a pair of blue jeans! Using a handed-down pair instead of buying a new one from the shop might help in reducing the environmental damage that you cause. If you're someone who is concerned about environmental issues, you must know that everytime you decide against buying new clothing and mend your old clothes, you're saving the greens!

It's easy on your pocket

It's needless to say that buying used items is accommodating to your budget. What's the use of designing an elaborate budget to manage your finances better if you don't know about this simple trick to make savings ten times easier for you?

Using pre-owned goods could generate a large amount of savings for you in the long-run. You can get a furniture for 10% of the price of the original one, and if the luck is on your side, then you might end up buying an antique. A pre-owned or rented refrigerator isn't a bad deal if you're someone who hops cities every few months.

Handed down items can be great assets

Hoarders would agree to this - sometimes, we can see potential assets in stuff that people think are useless. People tend to throw away their junk, but all the things that people discard cannot be considered insignificant. You can buy stuff at lower prices and sell them off to people who need it at a greater value- that way, you can make a reasonable profit and there is no wastage.

Used products don't have any packaging

It's obvious that handed-down goods don't come with any sort of packaging. When we buy something new we tend to ignore the packaging completely. Sometimes, we tend to re-use the packaging, but mostly throw it off. You can get creative and make something crafty out of the cardboard or plastic wrap, but let's be real we rarely have the patience to sit through all the DIY videos! Boring, right?

Here's an easy solution. Avoid packaging and buy something from your friend or from the local thrift shop. It could save you some money and of course no packaging hassle.

Help the local economy

You can help the local economy by buying some pre-owned items from your neighbor, that way you boost the local economy and the money stays in your locality-instead of generating revenues for the Multi-National Company. Buying from a local thrift shop could help those people in need- it could help the owner to educate his children or buy a meal for the poor.

It can make you look more fashionable

If you're someone who loves vintage fashion then visiting thrift shops or nibbling through your mom's wardrobe could land you some great vintage clothing. Pair the clothes right and you'll garner compliments for your great fashion sense without spending a penny on it. Don't you think it's a great deal?


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