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How To Link Aadhar Card With ICICI Bank

How to link Aadhar card to ICICI Bank Account

The Reserve bank of India has requested banks to provide customers the option of linking their Aadhaar card to their bank account owed. The primary purpose being so that the direct benefit and subsidy may be transferred directly for your bank account.

ICICI bank’s customers without problems link their Aadhar Card to the ICICI bank account via following any of the 5 approaches that includes on-line mode, offline mode, traveling ATM, the use of iMobile and speak to banking. The linking enables authorities to understand, who's in need of the subsidy and benefits. Also, linking enables to save you frauds and monetary losses.

Seed Aadhaar Card to ICICI bank Account thru Offline Mode

Step 1: step one to linking your Aadhaar Card to the ICICI bank account is to ensure that the original in addition to the photocopy of your Aadhaar Card

Step 2: stroll in to the nearest ICICI branch or the institution in which you hold the account

Step 3: Ask for a “link form” from the supervisor or assist table

Step 4: Fill the info like consumer identity, bank account number, Aadhaar number and others

Step 5: attach self-attested Aadhar card copy with the unique Aadhar document to complete the verification process

Step 6: as soon as the ICICI bank’s confirms, the linking completes

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In nine easy Steps link Aadhar number to ICICI bank Account via online

Linking ICICI bank account and 12-digit precise identification number is straightforward and can be completed in few simple steps.

Step 1: the first step to linking your Aadhar Card for your ICICI bank account via on line mode is to visit the ICICI bank’s internet banking website

Step 2: Login using your username and password

Step 3: once you login on your account, click at the “customer service” tab

Step 4: you have to select “financial institution Account carrier Requests”

Step 5: then is to click on “Account details” and later hit “change requested”

Step 6: after you whole those steps, click on “Request for Updating Aadhaar number in bank savings Account”

Step 7: you will need to enter your Aadhar info and hit submit. This could let you link your Aadhaar Card for your ICICI bank account

Step 8: The data shared through you'll be entered inside the banks, which ICICI’s team will confirm manually

Step 9: As soon as the verification completes, you'll receive a confirmation message from the bank either through SMS or email address that is registered with ICICI bank account

Using on line method, an ICICI bank account holder can effortlessly complete the seeding from the comforts of home.

Link Aadhaar quantity with ICICI bank Account with the aid of visiting Nearest ATM

Linking Aadhaar and ICICI bank account by visiting nearest ATM and may be completed in few easy steps.

Step 1: visit the nearest ATM

Step 2: Swipe your card

Step 3: pick the language

Step 4: input your PIN to login

Step 5: subsequent, you have to select “more choice”

Step 6: From the menu list, click on “Aadhaar update”

Step 7: One you're on the Aadhar update screen, enter the Aadhaar number

Step 8: Re-enter it to confirm the 12-digit unique identification variety

Step 9: click on “submit” tab to finish the Aadhar and ICICI bank account linking

Phone banking to add Aadhaar number with ICICI financial institution Account

The usage of smartphone banking is the maximum convenient one, as smart phones are everyone's convenience these days. Follow the below steps to complete the Aadhaar and ICICI bank account through mobile.

Step 1: Dial ICICI bank customer care wide number

Step 2: choose your preferred language from the choice menu

Step 3: you need to press 1 for banking bills

Step 4: you may either enter your 12-digit precise or sixteen-digit debit card number. Next, you need to enter your PIN wide variety

Step 5: Press 1 on your mobile keypad, after the Aadhar activate is performed

Step 6: input the Aadhaar number after which verify to update Aadhar to your bank’s account. This completes the linking method

Step 7: To replace your Aadhaar number within the ICICI financial institution account, you may also pick choice 5 within the “Self Banking” menu or else choose option nine to speak to an ICICI officer

Update Aadhaar in ICICI financial institution Account using iMobile

Customer can now link their ICICI bank with Aadhar number via the use of iMobile. The method is convenient and can be completed in 6 smooth steps.

Step 1: download the iMobile app from google play store or else SMS iMobile to 5676766

Step 2: Open your iMobile app and login the usage of your internet banking id and password

Step 3: click offerings and then insta-banking services

Step 4: choose “update Aadhaar” option

Step 5: enter the Aadhaar number and click on “publish” tab

Step 6: After filing your request, ICICI bank will call you to help with iMobile activation

  1. Make sure that the mobile range is registered for mobile banking
  2. The number have to additionally have GPRS facility activated
Documents Required for ICICI Account and Aadhar linking
  1. Aadhaar Card (Photostat or hard copy)
  2. Bank Account statement

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FAQs on Aadhaar and ICICI bank linking

In case you are linking Aadhaar and ICICI bank account on line, then the bank information and 12-digit number are sufficient.

No, as of now, this facility is not available. If any updates are there, it's going to get updated in the internet site.

Customers without net Banking will not be capable of linking their Aadhaar cards to their ICICI bank accounts, so make sure that you have applied for internet banking.

The account gets deactivated after the cut-off date, and can be activated only on finishing the requested documents.

In that case, you may visit both nearby ATM, ICICI bank or call customer care variety.

The deadline to finish the linking is 31 March 2018.