15 Ways to Save on Electricity Bills During the Scorching Indian Summers

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Summer is almost here! Aren’t you looking for ways to save electricity and cut your electric bill in half?

The very thought of summer haunts most of us, as we struggle to handle the brutal heat. Many summer nights while away tossing and turning uncomfortably in bed, but then thanks to air conditioners that make the 45-degree scorching heat bearable. However, keeping the air conditioner turned on at all times only means skyrocketing electricity bills along with burning enough fossil fuels and making the world a hotter place. Then how do you stop your electric from burning a hole in your pocket and simultaneously save electricity? Fortunately, there are a few smart yet simple hacks that can help you keep your house cool without racking up a huge carbon footprint.

1. Light It Right

Always turn off lights when not in use. Not only do the incandescent bulbs consume more power and hike your electricity bills, but they also radiate heat. So, it is for the best to replace the regular tube lights and bulbs with Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescents (CFLs) to save electricity. 

2. Cross Ventilate

Opening your windows and doors ajar enables cross ventilation. Though cross-ventilation is a well-practiced hack, yet people fail to understand that time also plays an essential role. Open your windows during the morning hours and evening hours, when the air is still pleasantly cool, to facilitate cross-ventilation. It is one of the few easy ways to save electricity. 

3. Make Yourself a Rice Pillow

The simple rice pillows, once microwaved, becomes a little bag of comfort and is a cinch to make as it only requires very few materials. Using rice pillows during summer nights can provide you comfort. It is one of the inexpensive and easy ways to save electricity and beat the heat. You can put them in a freezer and snuggle with it during the night-time for relief from hot days.

4. Host the Nature inside

Strategically place plants, shrubs and vines to cool your home effectively. Also, ensure that you plant shady trees on the east and west sides of the house to block out the sun. Moreover, growing vines and creepers inside the house can also help keep your surroundings cooler than outside and reduce electricity consumption at homes.

5. Switch It off

Unplug all electronic equipment when not in use, especially when they are idle - minimize the amount of heat they generate. It helps you reduce the amount of power consumed and is one of the easiest ways to save electricity. 

6. Summer Window Boxes

Plants provide a soothing effect from the burning sun rays, and that's why window planters are gaining popularity in India. Little potted plants on your window ledge also help reduce humidity and cool the hot air flowing in and around your room. Besides, the vibrant colors also make your windows look attractive.

7. Hang Curtains that Breathe

With the scorching heat of summer sun heating everything, keeping your interiors cool is essential. Pastel colored cotton sheets will help you keep the space around a little cooler and save electricity. Moreover, you can also layer your windows with jute screens and bamboo shades to let the breeze blow through. However, ensure that you draw the curtains before stepping out to stop the room from heating up like a greenhouse.

8. Make Your Own All-Natural Cooling Body Mist

If splashing water on your face relaxes you, then a DIY bottle of natural cooling mist will help you keep the summer heat at bay. Keep a bottle of a DIY body spray in your fridge and sprinkle some on yourself before going to bed. It will not only help you cool down but also hydrate your skin. You can try out your combination by mixing various essential oils and cooling agents like rose water, aloevera, cucumber, etc. This may not help save electricity, but it would help you feel relaxed and refreshed during the dog days of summer.

9. Food that Keeps You Cool

The right food plays a crucial role in helping you cool down. Summer-specific food habit is a great strategy to say goodbye to body heat. Fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, grapes; vegetables like cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, leafy greens; and herbs like mint can help you stay cool and energized – even when the heat soars high.

It’s also the time of the year when our body craves some flavorful hydration. Sip on drinks like jal jeera, aam panna, coconut water, lassi, shikanji, buttermilk, bel sherbet, imli ka amlana, and kokum sherbet wherever you go. It’s a great way to cool yourself down.

10. Ensure Proper Insulation

Many times, electricity tends to leak due to improper insulation. Make sure that the internal wiring of your house is well insulated; this not only helps you save electricity and money but also protects you from any hazard. So, reduce electricity consumption at homes and cut your electric bill in half.

11. Maintain Your Electronic Equipment

This tip will not only help you save money on electricity bills but also ensure the longevity of your expensive appliances. The appliances that we use daily need regular maintenance. If it is not maintained properly, your appliance may start consuming more electricity over time.

12. Buy 5-Star Rated Appliances

Although 5-star rated appliances can cost a few thousand bucks extra, yet they can help you save a grand yearly on electricity bills.  Whenever you purchase an electronic appliance, it is a one-time investment; hence, it is always advisable to spend some extra bucks on a 5-star rated one to save money on the electricity bill.

13. Pay Online, Avail Discount

This might not look like a constructive hack, yet paying your electricity bills online can get you great offers. Many such apps like Phonepe, google pay, Paytm, etc. provides cashback offers, which can save you a couple of bucks.

14. Thatching 

Thatching is also fairly popular in India during summer. It is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation like straw, water reed, heather, or palm branches to function as insulation. It keeps the humidity and hot air at bay and helps you save electricity instead. Spraying cool water on a thatched roof can keep your house so cool that you need not switch on the AC!

15. Miscellaneous Hacks

If you put a wet sheet hanging from the window, it will help cool down the space around you. Another old-school way to cool the place is by using rugs made of jute or hemp and hanging them like curtains. These hacks are few easy ways to save electricity. These wet rugs may give you the feeling of an air-conditioned environment, especially when the breeze blows through it. It will help you save a bit as it cuts down your consumption of an Air cooler or an Air conditioner. Believe it or not - such archaic methods of cooling can help you cut the electric bill in half.

To Sum up

These smart hacks can help you save electricity and cut your electric bill in half. Other than the hacks mentioned above, there are more you can do to save the environment and your money. Do let us know if you have something in mind.

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