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Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives these days. Can you even think of staying away from your phone for a day or two? Of course not. They have become a means of our day-to-day communication. As we cannot reduce the utilization of cell phones, why don't we try to know how to lower our cell phone bill? In India, we see a dominating number of middle class and lower class people who are concerned about their expenditure. In this article, let us see the different ways on how to lower cell phone bills.

Various teleservice providers offer numerous types of cell phone plans. These plans depend on the service provider, varying from prepaid or postpaid schemes, monthly plans, unlimited call plans, etc. You just need to choose the best cell phone plan that can immensely benefit your pocket. Let us help you with it.

Select the Cheapest Service Provider

After purchasing a cell phone, the next thing you think about is the service provider. We have a lot of service providers, such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Jio, etc., with an active user base in India You can compare all the plans offered by these providers and finally choose the best service provider that sells the best cell phone plans.

Nowadays in India, Jio has become more popular because of its cheapest cell phone plans. It provides an unlimited cell phone plan, which provides facilities like unlimited local calls, free SMS, free internet up to 1-2 GB (4G) based on the plan you choose as per your requirements.

After Jio has come into existence, several other service providers started offering similar plans. So, now you can choose the best service provider active in your area and select a favorable monthly/quarterly plan. This is one of the ways to lower your cellphone bill.

Choose the Best Service

There are two different options to select from, after selecting the best service provider, postpaid and prepaid.

Postpaid: Postpaid plans are more like an agreement; you choose a plan and stick to that. If you end up using all your credit, your service provider will let you use the service for an extra fee and receive the bill at the end of the month based on your usage. The additional charge is considerably high.

Prepaid: As the name suggests, 'Pre' means 'before.' You must recharge your account before you use it. There is a wide range of top-up plans in prepaid. If you use all your credit, the service will only be resumed if you recharge again.

Both the postpaid and prepaid services have their own pros and cons. If the budget is the primary concern, it is better to opt for a prepaid plan.  

Choose Family/Friend Packs

Cell phone service providers encourage you to use their service for your entire family. If you make frequent calls to a specific group of people, then friends/family packs make a lot of sense. You can avail unlimited cell phone plans to the selected people, but it is quite expensive if you call people other than the ones in the group. Here’s a simple story of three friends, who used to spend a lot on paying cell phone bills.

Rita, Nita and Gita are best friends. They love talking to each other. They share every silly incident that happens in their lives on a daily basis. They always have never-ending conversations, and hence, end up paying huge bills at the end of the month. Rita, hailing from a middle-class family, always has a financial crisis and feels that she has been spending a lot of money on cell phone bills. She inquired about the friends' plan with a lot of service providers and finally found the cheapest cell phone plan. She disclosed the plan to her friends, and hence all the three friends could save thousands of rupees on cell phone bills. Now, they can have long conversations without bothering much about spending a huge amount of money on paying bills.

It is evident that the cell phone bills can be minimized, looking at the above example, if we investigate the best plans. This is how you lower your cell phone bills.

Choose the Best Unlimited Plan

Nowadays, all the telecom providers are offering unlimited cell phone plans to their customers. These plans are inclusive of calls, data, SMS, etc. These plans can be opted on a monthly or quarterly basis. If you choose one of the unlimited cell phone plans, it would be easier for you to lower the cell phone bill.

Monitor Your Data Usage

Monitor the data you are using on a daily or monthly basis. Switch on to Wifi wherever you have access, as the service providers charge more for the data plans. This reduces the data usage, which, in turn, lowers your cell phone bill. However, using public Wifi may have certain risks.

Know Your Data Limit

If you are using mobile data, you must know the data limit. Data limit for some service providers is calculated on a daily basis, while for the others, it is calculated on a monthly basis. So, if you don't monitor your usage, you may end up spending more on your data packs.

Decrease the Cellular Usage

These days, we have a lot of applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. which are excellent for real-time communication. Using such applications reduces your cellular usage, which in turn lowers the cell phone bills.

Do Not Opt for a Value-Added Service

Sometimes, you may not be aware of the charges that get deducted from your prepaid account. These charges may be because of opting for a value-added service like dialer tune or news updates. Service providers are known for auto-activating such value-added services without the users’ consent. Keep a close eye on your cell phone account. If you're concerned about your cell phone budget, it is better not to go for a value-added service unless it is absolutely free of cost.

To Sum Up

These are a few ways in which you can lower your cell phone bill. In short, choose the best cell phone plans and the cheapest service provider, and you will surely be benefitted. Talk more, Spend less, and Stay Happy!


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