12 Tips for a Family Vacation on a Budget

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Vacations are very much essential for family bonding. They create an ultimate bond between your family members and allow you all to have cherishable experiences. Experiencing different cultures, their native food, scenic locations, etc. is worth the money you spend on a family vacation. However, you need to plan your vacations according to your budget. Here we are, to fill you in with the 12 best tips for a family vacation. Let’s teach you how to travel cheap.

Here are a few tips for a hassle-free and affordable family vacation.

Choose the Destination Wisely

Choosing a destination might be quite confusing. Follow these steps to clear out the confusion and select the destination wisely.

  • Fix the budget: Figure out how much money you can spend on the vacation. Else, you would end up getting into debts, which is not a good idea. So, if you are planning a trip on a budget, it is important to calculate your budget in your holiday fund by adding the funds with the amount you save till you leave for the vacation.

  • Make a list of the destinations: There can be a lot of destinations suggested by your spouse, children or friends. List all the vacation spots. Think about the type of vacation that you’d want - a laid back beach or a cultural exploration or a vibrant city, and then it becomes easy for you to rule out the places that do not fall under your preference criteria, thus making it easy to plan a trip on a budget.

  • Look into the safety risks: Safety must be a priority as you travel with your family. Look out for the government travel warnings and alerts in the area you want to visit. If the area is free from risks such as an accident, burglar or calamity prone area, then you can finalize the destination.

Book Your Flight Tickets in Advance

If you need an affordable family vacation, plan it well in advance; else you might end up spending more on flight tickets. The price of the flights increases with time due to dynamic pricing. Booking early always proved to be the best way to get the cheapest flight tickets. Here's a small tip - use an incognito window while browsing for the tickets. As the flight charges increase based on the cookies in your browser, the price of the particular route that you’re repeatedly searching will tend to increase. You can see the lowest prices in incognito mode. So, if you are concerned about planning a trip on a budget, this is one of the best ways.

Fly Mid-Week

If your travel dates are flexible, then travel in the middle of the workweek. For a visual illustration, go through any major airlines fare calendar. You can see that there is a fall on Tuesday and Wednesday and a spike on Thursday and Friday.

Weigh Your Luggage in Advance

Check with the limit of hand baggage and check-in luggage limit of the airlines. Weigh your luggage well in advance to check the limit. If it exceeds, you are imposed of certain charges. Stay alert and avoid those charges.

Reserve the Hotel in Advance

There are a lot of applications or websites where you can find great deals on hotels. Go through a few neutral sites and compare the price offered by different websites; select the ideal one. Also, you can set price alerts in the app such that you get a notification if the price falls. If you book for the first time, you may also get coupons. You can use those coupons and avail extra discounts to enjoy an affordable family vacation.

Go for a Complete Package

These days, we find a lot of travel agencies that provide packages for vacations. Inquire about some of the trusted agencies regarding packages and select an affordable family vacation package. These packages help you reduce your stress level by booking the hotels, arranging cabs and guiding you during your sight-seeing. These packages can be cost-effective, and you will have an idea on the expenditure beforehand.

Make Refundable Bookings If You Are Uncertain

If you are uncertain about your travel, we suggest that you make bookings that are refundable. However, these refundable bookings are quite costly. The bottom line is that if you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to travel during your original window, go for refundable bookings.

Don't Shop or Eat in the Tourist Area

It is better to shop or eat in the local areas rather than spending a lot of money in the tourist area. The price of mementos and souvenirs in the tourist areas is considerably high when compared to that in the local areas.

Travel Off-Season

The time you choose to travel could also have a tremendous impact on your budget, since prices fluctuate depending on the peak or off season. If you are really planning a trip on a budget, it is wise to head somewhere in the offseason. You can find costs far more economical than at peak times.

Make Overnight City Transits

You have limited vacation time. You lose a lot of time if you travel during the day. Apart from losing time, it is very economical to travel at night, as you can save on accommodation costs. This way, you can ensure an affordable family vacation.

Live on Local Food

Local food is the best option during vacations. You can relish the local flavors and save money by eating at street food stalls and local dhabas. Not only do you get to enjoy the authentic local cuisine, but you would inevitably find cheaper munchies if you are up for local food. Do consider the hygiene factor though.

Keep a Tab on Cell Phone Costs

A vacation is when you devote your time to enjoy the destination with your family. Refrain from talking endlessly on the phone. Remember that you are on roaming - call charges might be quite high. Moreover, all your important work can and should wait until you finish your vacation.

To Sum up

Those given above are the 12 best tips for a family vacation. These are the key points you must keep in your mind while planning for the cheapest family vacation. So, plan your trip accordingly and have lots of fun. Happy Vacation!


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