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Cheap Personal Loans in Asansol as on 06 August 2020

A personal loan is an unsecured loan offered by financial institutions to individuals without putting up any collateral against it. These loans can be taken to cope with a wide variety of personal needs such as home renovations, medical emergencies, credit card consolidation, family needs, etc. Personal loans are generally sanctioned based on several criteria like income level, employment history, credit history, repayment capacity, etc.

The documents that you need to get a personal loan in Asansol as on 06 August 2020

  1. Age proof

  2. Proof of Identification

  3. Proof of residence

  4. Bank statement - 6 months from the current date

  5. If you are salaried

    1. Current salary slips for three months

    2. Tax returns

    3. Form 16 provided by the employer

  6. If you are self-employed

    1. Tax returns for the last three years

    2. Computation of taxable income for last three years

    3. Certified or Audited balance sheet and Profit and loss statement for last three years

Find the Cheapest Personal Loan based on your credit score

As of 06 August 2020, you can get cheap personal Loans in Asansol from the following

  1. HDFC bank personal loans in Asansol
  2. ICICI bank personal loans in Asansol
  3. AXIS bank personal loans in Asansol
  4. SBI personal loans in Asansol
  5. CITIBANK bank personal loans in Asansol
  6. Bank of Baroda personal loans in Asansol
  7. Allahabad bank personal loans in Asansol
  8. PNB personal loans in Asansol
  9. RBL bank personal loans in Asansol
  10. UCO Bank personal loans in Asansol
  11. Bank of Punjab personal loans in Asansol
  12. Standard Chartered Bank personal loans in Asansol
  13. IndusInd Bank personal loans in Asansol
  14. Dena Bank personal loans in Asansol
  15. Tata Capital personal loans in Asansol
  16. Kotak Mahindra Bank personal loans in Asansol
  17. Fullerton India personal loans in Asansol
  18. Oriental Bank of Commerce personal loans in Asansol]
  19. Andhra Bank personal loans in Asansol
  20. IDBI Bank personal loans in Asansol
  21. Indian Overseas Bank personal loans in Asansol
  22. State Bank of India (SBI) personal loans in Asansol
  23. Aditya Birla personal loans in Asansol
  24. Vijaya Bank personal loans in Asansol
  25. Bank of Maharashtra personal loans in Asansol
  26. ING Vysya Bank personal loans in Asansol
  27. The Bank of Rajasthan personal loans in Asansol
  28. Syndicate Bank personal loans in Asansol
  29. Punjab National Bank personal loans in Asansol
  30. Corporation Bank personal loans in Asansol
  31. Karur Vysya Bank personal loans in Asansol
Find the Cheapest Personal Loan based on your credit score

FAQs for Personal Loans in Asansol

The personal loans amounts are sanctioned based on your financials and the policies of the banks. As of 06 August 2020 the range of personal loan amount is from Rs.50,000 to Rs.15,00,000.

This depends on the financial institution that you have taken the loan from. Some financial institutions allow you to prepay and others don't. If you have seasonal income, it may make sense for you the check the prepayment conditions with the lender before you borrow the money.

As of 06 August 2020 the majority of the lenders do not require a guarantor for a personal loan in Asansol. There are a few lenders who might require that, based on their product policy and your financial conditions. However, if they require it, they will let you know that during the application process.

As of 06 August 2020 the time to get the money in your account varies from 2 days to 7 days. However, in certain conditions, you might be able to get the loan faster than 2 days.

A lot of lenders allow the borrower to pre-pay the loans after 6 months. However, as of 06 August 2020 not all lenders allow you to pre-pay your loan. Therefore, it makes sense for you to check with your lender on the prepayments policy that they have.

Find the Cheapest Personal Loan based on your credit score