8 Benefits of Opening Multiple Bank Accounts

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Nowadays, many people are opening multiple bank accounts due to various reasons, be it a job switch or for business purposes. However, the fundamental benefits of having multiple savings accounts are still in question. So, let's delve deep into the matter and discover some of the advantages that opening multiple bank accounts can have.

Save Money for Various Short-Term Goals

Often, when all you have is a salary account, it gets difficult to actually save money. Having an additional account can be of real help in this regard.  You can assign a goal to each account that you have and deposit money in them accordingly. Let’s discuss this with an instance - Say you are a travel enthusiast and wish to go on a foreign trip every year. So, you can open an account dedicated to that purpose and save a certain amount of money in it every month. Multiple bank accounts can thus help you save money diligently for short-term goals; however, make sure that you use the second account only for storing money, and keep yourself from withdrawing it unless entirely unavoidable. 

Open Multiple Need-Based Accounts to Track Your Money

Nowadays, the government offers several services to different sections of people, under which you could get a subsidy in your account. For example - Under the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme, the government transfers money as subsidies for LPG gas directly into your savings bank account if you come under a certain bracket, and there are around 400 more such schemes. Hence, it is beneficial to have a separate account for these subsidies. Likewise, you can have a separate account linked with your income tax returns, where you can receive refunds as and when applicable for you. If you are a pensioner, then it is better if you receive your pension in a dedicated account, as it makes tracking the funds easy.

Thus, it can be advantageous for you to maintain multiple bank accounts based on your different needs.

Keep Your Options Open

Having multiple bank accounts could also help you get through certain unforeseen circumstances. In case you face technical difficulties during a transaction from one of your bank accounts, you can always fall back on another account of yours to get it done. This can prove to be helpful especially in case of emergencies, and you will not be left without any options when you hit an unexpected roadblock. 

Create an Emergency Fund

Dedicate an account exclusively to saving for an emergency. At the start of every month, transfer a specific amount of money to this account through a standing instruction to your salary account. An emergency fund will help you sail through tough times by providing you with a financial cushion at times of need.

Avail Different Perks from Multiple Banks

Different banks in India offer distinct interest rates and perks. Having multiple bank accounts gives you access to the best of such benefits. Holding a savings account in one bank and maintaining a good relationship with it could help you in availing a home loan with relative ease. Whereas, some other banks may offer higher interest rates on savings accounts. You may be eligible for rewards, exclusive facilities, and bonuses at other banks. Thus, the sheer variety of benefits offered by different banks makes it a good idea for you to hold accounts in many of them. 

Avoid ATM Transaction Charges 

Banks allow five free transactions from their own ATMs and three from ATMs of other banks. After these eight transactions, the bank starts charging you if you use an ATM with the same debit card. However, if you hold debit cards of two bank accounts, then, you can make up to 16 free transactions in a month.  

Avail Free Cheque Books

Usually, a bank offers only one free checkbook in a year. If you request for another checkbook in that financial year, the bank will charge you. However, If you have two bank accounts, then you can avail of two free checkbooks in a year.

Increase Your Credit Card Limit

Nowadays, banks often offer a credit card when you open an account with them. So, if you have two different bank accounts and credit cards issued from both of them, then the amount of credit that you can use will increase.

In a Nutshell

If you are aware of the nuances of keeping tabs on multiple bank accounts, then go ahead and organize your finances this way. You will be able to avail of all the benefits as mentioned above and make the most of your money. Happy Savings!


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