10 Financial Tips From Bollywood Dialogues

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There is no doubt that Bollywood movies are packed with action, drama and entertainment. However, these movies also play inspirational roles in our life sometimes. For instance, the film 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' has been made keeping millennials in mind, as it is wholly relatable to the phase of mental dilemma, ambitious spirit and passion for accomplishing that all of us have been through.

Likewise, the metaphorical dialogues of the movie intrigues and motivates the audience through various life lessons, such as,

"Main udna chahta hu, daudna chahta hu, girna bhi chahta hu. Bas, rukna nahi chahta,"

implying that a person should never stop trying due to the fear of failing.

Apart from the motivational lessons, some financial tips can be construed from the Bollywood dialogues as well. Following are a few famous Bollywood dialogues and the financial advice hidden between the lines:

Dialogue #1

"Paisa, paise ko kheechta hai."
        - Emraan Hashmi - Jannat

Financial Tip: It implies that 'only money can attract money.' You can earn more only by investing money in the stock market, real estate and mutual funds. Stashing it in a savings account will make it stagnant.

Dialogue #2

"Kahin pe pahuchne ke liye, kahi se nikalna bahut zaruri hota hai"
                                 - Ranbir Kapoor - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

"To achieve something new, you ought to leave something old, and you should leave at the very moment before you start experiencing grief and sorrows."

Financial Tip: It means that to thrive in life, a person needs to come out of their comfort zone. If you feel uncomfortable to invest your money in various stocks and mutual funds due to the lack of experience, then you need to acquire knowledge about the ongoing trends and try it out by investing in small amounts.

Dialogue# 3

"Risk to Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, main to phir bhi salesman hoon"
                                         - Ranbir Kapoor - Rocket Singh.

"Even Spiderman has to take risks, so why can't I? I am just a salesman."

Financial Tip: There is a common saying, "Power comes to those who take risks in life." It is true that no one can accomplish their goals without taking risks. For instance, to start your business, you need to take the risk of leaving a high-paid job and invest in what you have conceptualized.


"Apno ko kabhi kuch ho jaye, to sasura sahas ki bahut jarurat padti hai."
                                       - Saurabh Shukla - Raid.

"If something happens to our close ones, a lot of courage is required to face it."

Financial Tip: Keep your near and dear ones protected by varied insurance covers such as health insurance, life insurance, and accidental insurance, so that you can gather the strength to deal with the worse if any unfortunate circumstances arise.


"Kamata hoon Dirham mein lekin kharachta hoon rupai mein."
                                    - Varun Dhawan - Dishoom.

"I earn money in Dirhams, but I spend in Rupees."

Financial Tip: Always spend less than what you earn; it will help you with savings. For NRIs who earn in dollars, this can be a remarkable strategy for generating more money by channelizing the investments in Rupees.

Dialogue #6

"Sahi time par sahi jagah hona, sahi time par sahi baat karna, aur sahi time par sahi kaam uthana, isi ko luck kehte hai."
                                                           - Danny Denzongpa - Luck.

Financial Tip: Luck is all about taking the right step at the right time and the right place. So, do your research before investing and make the decisions smartly. Luck will surely follow you.


Jua mein hamesha jeetkar hi nahi, kabhi kabhi haarkar bhi zyada paisa kamaya ja sakta hai."
                                                      - Kajol - Kuch khatti Kuch Meethi.

"In gambling, you earn by winning, but sometimes a defeat can let you earn more."

Financial Tip: Here, the crux of the dialogue is not to encourage gambling but to explain that even if you lose money during times when the sharemarket exhibits a downward trend, don't panic! You still have the chance to earn, just wait for the right moment. Also, a defeat always gives the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and coming back in the game.


"Maal chahiye chokha, toh note karo ji mota."
                          - Manoj Bajpai - Satyagraha.

Financial Tip: To buy an expensive product, one needs to spend more. Similarly, to earn more, one needs to invest more.


"Mere pass paisa hai par style nahi hai, aur tere pass style hai par paisa nahi hai"
                                                 - Danny Denzongpa - Luck.

"I have money, but I don't have style; you have style, but you don't have money."

Financial Tip: A debonair without money has the capability to earn it. If you attain the right kind of attitude and confidence while handling your business, you will always be able to get funds to invest in it.


"Nazdeeki fayda dekhne se pahle dur ka nuksan sochna chahiye."
                                               - Amitabh Bacchan - Sarkar. 

Financial Tip: Before focusing on short-term profits, focus on the loss that you may incur by breaking the long-term investments.

To Sum Up

These were some of the iconic Bollywood movie dialogues which have left a deep impression in the mind of the audience.

The dialogues and concepts of these movies have influenced people of all generations, from millennials to the older ones. If you haven't seen any of these movies, we would suggest you watch them and share more financial tips with us.


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