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In this era of digitalization, a new app is invented daily to tackle the several needs we have. There are apps for fitness tracking, making diet food, medication, etc. However, the concern is how you would identify which app will solve your purpose to the maximum extent, as nowadays you tend to find a brimful of apps in a particular category with high downloads, good ratings, and recommendations.

Likewise, the same concern is applicable to money management apps. With an aim to sort out this confusion,  we approached several financial experts who use money management apps with the following questions - 

  • Which personal finance apps are convenient to use?

  • Which applications can you trust the most for sharing data and documents?

  • Which expense tracker apps work well for Android and IOS users?

And the answer to these questions lies in the list of best money management apps that are shared below.

ET Money App

This app has been launched by the Times of India, and it is the one-stop paperless solution to all the financial needs of people in expense tracking, SIP & mutual fund investments, tax saving, applying for personal loans, and instant loan approval as well. It is India's highest rated app in the personal finance space as of now. Here are the various functions that ET Money offers:

  • It tracks and manages the expenses.

  • It maintains the existing SIPs & mutual funds portfolio of the users.

  • It helps the users in saving taxes by giving them options of investing in top ELSS tax saving mutual funds.

  • It assists users in borrowing money through instant paperless personal loans.

Let's discuss the functions of this app in detail.

As an Expense Tracker App

  • It tracks the spendings automatically through SMS and distinguishes them into categories like dining, travel & shopping. This app gets all your account balances and expenditures (whether through credit card, debit card, net banking, or e-wallets) at one place. It gives reminders about bill payments to you, and you can view all your utility and credit card bills at one place.

As a Tax Saver

  • It helps you to invest in top mutual funds SIPs as per your requirements. Through this app, you can set up SIPs in ELSS Mutual fund schemes once and meet the tax saving goals every year.

As a Fund Manager

  • This app assists the users in earning up to 1% additional return on SIP investments through India’s prominent fund houses, such as SBI Mutual Fund,  Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, HDFC mutual funds, and Reliance Mutual Fund. 

As a Bank Manager

  • This app assists you in getting a personal loan of up to Rs.20 lakh at a low-interest rate. It is the fastest avenue to take instant personal loans. You can enter the necessary details and know the loan amount, interest rate and EMIs in a few minutes. You can also get an instant loan approval after a paperless credit score check from the bank.


mTrakr is free of cost personal expense tracker app that assists the users in making well-informed spending decisions. It also helps in managing the financial accounts, bills, paperwork, documents,  reminders -- all at one place. It functions automatically by:

  • Analyzing the SMS sent through the banks and merchants.

  • Processing the reports that the users click or upload.


In the Monefy app, you need to enter the data manually. However, that can be done in one click as you are only required to add a new record, such as cafe bill or cab, and enter the amount in that category. Here, you can edit, add and delete records as per your requirement, which you can't do in a self-automated app. This can serve as a wake-up call for when you splurge.

This app supports multi-currency, and you can maintain multiple accounts at the same time on it. You can also track your expenses daily, weekly, monthly and yearly through this app. It also comprises an in-built calculator that helps you with the calculations each time when you add a new record.


Earlier, at the beginning of a month, people used to sit down with a pen and paper to calculate the expenses. However, in this digital era, Mvelopes does this for you. This app allocates the amount of your monthly budget into small categories, such as food, conveyance, and house rent.

Once the money is exhausted in one envelope, either you can transfer it from another envelope or wait until your salary is credited in the next month. This app also lets you add up to four bank accounts to track your online payments.

In a Nutshell

There are innumerable money management apps on Google Play and Apple Store for you to choose from. However, if you need a reliable platform where along with tracking your expenditures and savings, you can manage investments and get instant credit too, then ET Money App is the best solution for you without any doubt.


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