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Best Credit Card For Dining in India

A bad day at the office, grabbing a quick bite, meeting friends, or just too lazy to cook; regardless of the reason, all of us are pros when it comes to dining out. If you look into your transactions, at least a couple of thousand bucks would have been spent on eating out every month. 

But, what if there were reward points to be earned for every buck that you spend when dining out? Wouldn’t it save you a lot of money?

In that case, a dining card could very well be your knight in shining armor.

What Are Dining Credit Cards?

Dining credit cards can make a world of difference to your wallet whenever you wish to eat out. These credit cards offer several exciting dining deals, such as discounts and freebies at a wide range of partner restaurants and food outlets all across the globe.

Now, you may have another question.

Is It Only for Foodies? 

No. It can be for each one of us. The dining card allows you to earn exclusive dining privileges even while you slurp through a delicious Ramen bowl. However, not all credit cards offer privileges on dining expenditure. Regardless of whether you're a foodie or not, you must select a credit card that can help you save. So, make sure to have a credit card that delivers exclusive dining benefits.

Top Indian Credit Cards for dining

What Types of Dining Credit Card Offers Are Usually Available?

Now that you know you can earn while enjoying a meal at any of your favorite restaurants, it's time to take note of the different types of dining privileges offered by dining cards.

Discounts - The first thing you earn is loads of discounts. You can avail anywhere between 5% to 40% off on your bill. However, discounts depend on the restaurants and their terms and conditions. So, you might get discounts either on your total bill, food bill, or just on drinks. Alternatively, you can even avail discounts on a minimum amount, only by swiping your dining credit card at your favorite restaurant.

Complimentary Rewards - Who doesn't love complimentary benefits when dining out? With a dining card, you are entitled to complimentary drinks, appetizers, or even starters - generally at partner restaurants. You can also enjoy a complimentary drink at airport lounges to revive you from all that travel fatigue. So, the next time you visit your favorite restaurant, present the card, and voila!

Exclusive Offers - What about a date night with your partner? The buy one-get one free deal can get you drinks and food for both - all at the cost of one! It not only helps you to save some big bucks, but also lets you indulge in the food without worrying about the hefty bill.

Quick Reward Points -  What if you could earn reward points just nibbling on some munchies? Guess what, you can earn 10 to 15 times more reward points on dining out than on regular spending. In a nutshell, with a dining credit card, you can enjoy your food at a discounted price, and earn more privileges in fewer transactions.

Cashback Offers - Another additional perk of dining credit cards is the cashback offer. With these cards, you could receive a percentage of your dining bill amount as cashback to your account. And thus, it allows you to enjoy a delicious meal at a lower price.

Credit Cards For Dining

What Are the Best Dining Cards in India Currently?

The Indian credit card market is abuzz with a plethora of dining cards that can make you happy. If you are one of those seeking a dining credit card, here's the list of the top cards available right now.

HDFC Regalia Card

The HDFC Regalia card gives you a complementary Zomato Gold Membership with which you get big discounts when you dine-in or when you order food online. You also get discounts from the Good Food Trail Program. The benefits are: 

  • 40% discount on fine dining on weekends at partner restaurants

  • 20% discount of premium dining

  • 30% discount on Chef’s special restaurants

  • 25% discount on buffet dinner

SBI Card Prime

This card offers you a wide range of benefits. For instance, you get 10 reward points for each Rs. 100 spent. Additionally, if you spend Rs. 50,000 in a year, you get a free Pizza Hut voucher worth Rs. 100. Other benefits are: 

  • 20 reward points on each Rs. 100 spent on birthday

  • A complimentary Trident Privilege Membership

  • A complimentary Club Vistara Membership

  • Get welcome benefits of Rs. 3000 on the payment of your annual fee

Kotak Delight Platinum Credit Card

This credit card rewards you with cashbacks of 10% on travel, dining and movies each. You can get a total cashback of Rs. 600 each month for dining expenses less than Rs. 4000, but only if you spend Rs. 10000 or more than that on non-dining transactions. Its other benefits are: 

  • Fuel surcharge waiver

  • 10% cashback on movies

  • Railway surcharge waiver

  • 4 PVR tickets or a cashback of Rs. 750 on spending Rs. 1.25 within 6 months

American Express Platinum Travel Card

This is suitable for travellers and foodies alike. If you travel frequently, you’ll love the card’s many travel-related benefits like direct discounts and privileges. You also get between 15% and 20% discounts on the bank’s selected restaurants. Other benefits are: 

  • Get 2 supplementary credit cards at no cost

  • Get welcome benefits of 5000 points

  • Get Complimentary Priority Pass

  • Get 1 Membership Point for each Rs. 50 spent, but not on expenses like fuel, utilities, and insurance and cash transactions

To Sum Up

Dining cards can add considerable value to your wallet and your dining experience. However, make sure that you understand the nitty-gritty and get a card that suits your dining lifestyle. If you are still unable to decide on the best card that caters to your needs, mymoneykarma is there for. Here's a start - make sure you check your credit score before applying for any card, or loan for that matter.

Happy savings on dining out!


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