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HDFC Bank was incorporated in 1994, and it is one of the largest privately owned financial institutions. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai and it operates through a network of 4729 branches and 12,259 ATMs in India. The bank offers a variety of services that cater to different segments of customers. The products provided by the company include personal banking, credit cards, loans and wholesale banking. The loans extended by HDFC Bank include personal loan, business loans, auto loan, loan against property, etc. The bank has a user-friendly online portal and it is considered to be very advanced in terms of technology.

Here is a list of the popular products of HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Business Loan

HDFC Bank offers loans that are loaded with many benefits for the customers, to help medium and small-scale businesses to grow. Such loans are tailor-made to suit the needs of the businesses that are small in size but highly competitive. To help such businesses, the bank offers loans at a desirable rate of interest. The loan applicant is not required to provide any collateral for taking the loan, and the application procedure is also very simple. Features like eligibility check in 60 seconds, overdraft facility and the credit protection plans have earned the bank the prestige of being customer-friendly and small business friendly. Business loans up to 50 lakhs can be availed from HDFC Bank.

HDFC Bank Credit Card

The HDFC Bank is considered to be one of the largest credit card providers in the country, and it offers an exciting range of credit cards to match the requirements of different segments of customers. The different types of credit cards provided by HDFC Bank include premium, super-premium, co-branded, travel, regular and commercial. Many benefits and discounts are provided to the credit card users, including access to airport lounges, frequent flier miles, cash-backs, rewards, movie tickets and other direct discounts. HDFC credit cards are accepted globally, and they facilitate a cashless transaction in the country.

HDFC Bank Personal Loan

You can meet your emergency financial needs through the HDFC Bank personal loan. The personal loans by HDFC Bank are offered at highly competitive rates, and the personal loan can be used to finance a wedding, vacations, consolidation of debt, etc. HDFC bank provides loans with relatively relaxed terms and conditions, and the documentation process is hassle-free. Some of the benefits of HDFC Personal Loans are listed below:

  • Loan disbursal in less than 4 hours

  • Loan amount up to 40 lakhs

  • Hassle-free application and minimal documentation

  • Low EMIs

HDFC Bank Debit Cards

HDFC offers complimentary debit cards to all its savings bank account holders. These cards are secured with a PIN while making any online transactions. Some of the debit cards offered by HDFC bank are EasyShop Platinum Card, Times Points Debit Card, JetPrivilege HDFC Bank, Signature Debit Card and RuPay Premium Debit Card. Based on the type of credit card, you can avail benefits like waiver on fuel surcharge, cashbacks, air miles earnings and higher daily limit. You can contact the HDFC customer service and customize your daily limit.

HDFC Bank Education Loan

HDFC offers education loans at very attractive rates to help the students in pursuing their dream education, whether in India or outside the country. Loans up to 10 lakhs can be availed from HDFC Bank. Such loans are also eligible for exemption under Section 80 of the Income Tax Act.

For loans that are high-valued, collateral security is required. Collateral security that an individual can provide includes fixed deposit, LIC, NSC or any residential property. One of the striking features of HDFC Education loan is the flexible repayment tenure - if the loan taken is below 7.5 lakhs, then it can be paid within ten years, and loans above 7.5 lakhs can be paid within a tenure of 15 years.

HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit

You can earn high rate of interest by investing your money in HDFC Bank Fixed Deposits. Fixed deposits are the most popular investment instruments in India, and it attracts people from all the walks of life. HDFC Bank allows the customers to invest their money with high flexibility and security. Senior citizens are eligible for 0.5% higher interest rate, and existing customers can book their fixed deposit accounts by just logging in to the HDFC net banking portal. The HDFC Bank customers can avail the sweep-in facility by providing nominees to their bank accounts.

HDFC Savings Account

You can open many types of savings accounts through HDFC Bank. The sole purpose of opening an HDFC savings account is for saving money and earning more rate of interest. The types of savings bank account are:

  • Regular Savings Account

  • Savings Max Account

  • Women's Savings Account

  • Kids Advantage Account

  • Senior Citizens Account

  • Family Savings Group Account

  • Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

  • Government/Institutional Savings Account

  • Government Scheme Beneficiary Savings Account

The HDFC savings bank account holders get complimentary debit card along with these accounts so that they can make cashless transactions.

HDFC Bank Gold Loan

If you wish to fulfill your immediate need for cash, you can avail the HDFC Bank gold loan. HDFC gold loan can be used for immediate financing need for cash to support wedding expenses, business expansions, education or medical needs. The loans require minimum documentation, and the bank ensures quick disbursal of loans. Some of the advantages of HDFC Gold Loans include:

  • Flexible interest rates

  • Minimal documentation

  • disbursal of loans within 45 minutes

  • Secure storage of gold

HDFC Bank Home Loan

The customers can avail the HDFC bank home loan at attractive interest rates. This loan can be availed for buying or building a house. Outstanding home loans can be transferred to HDFC Bank home loan with minimal documentation and better interest rates. If you're looking for homes, then you can get home loans at attractive rates and search for your new home with more confidence.

The benefits of taking HDFC Home Loans are:

  • Low and attractive interest rates

  • Women borrowers get special lower rate of interest

  • Safe storage of documents

  • Quick disbursal of loans

HDFC Bank Loan Against Property

The customers can also avail loan from HDFC bank against the property that they own. Loan against property can be granted against residential and commercial properties, and up to 60% of the value of the property can be extended as a loan to the applicant. The loan processing for HDFC Bank is transparent, and the disbursal is very quick. Some of the features of HDFC Loans against property are low EMIs, high amount of loan and competitive pricing.

HDFC Bank Car Loan

HDFC offers car loans for purchasing new cars or buying a pre-owned car at competitive interest rates. From a compact car to lavish sedans, you can buy anything using the HDFC Car Loan. HDFC bank gives 100% financing for buying the cars, and it also provides a flexible tenure of seven years. The highest amount that an individual can take as a car loan is three crores, and the customers can quickly check their eligibility on the bank's official website within a span of sixty seconds. The car loans can be approved within 30 minutes. Existing customers of HDFC get special benefits under the HDFC car loan scheme.

HDFC Share Price

HDFC or Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited is one of the earliest companies to obtain an ‘in principle’ consent from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank. This was a part of the RBI’s liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry in 1994. After the incorporation of the bank in August 1994 under the name 'HDFC Bank Limited' in the registered office in Mumbai, HDFC bank commenced its operations as a scheduled commercial bank in the year 1995.

In March 2015, they commissioned a share capital of 550 crores to the bank. The paid-up share capital of the bank from 2017-18 was 650 crores, which included 2506495317 equity shares worth Rs. 2/-. Out of the total bank's equity, the HDFC Group holds 21.67%, and approximately 18.87% of the equity shares are held by the American Depositary Shares/Global Depository Receipts. About 32.57% of the total HDFC bank equity is held by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) and the bank has nearly 4.41 lakh shareholders.

HDFC Bank share price fluctuates at every moment, and thus it is essential for all potential investors to keenly study the performance of the company’s shares before investing in it. HDFC shares can be purchased from NSE (National Stock Exchange) as well as from BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). All the details regarding the HDFC stock price, PE ratio, earlier closings and other metrics that can help in judging the stocks of HDFC can be found on the websites of BSE as 500180 and NSE as HDFCBANK.