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HDFC Two Wheeler Loan
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HDFC Bank is one of the premier private sector banks in India. It is admired for fast defrayal of the loan, prompt services, and the trust it has generated amongst its customers. HDFC bank was founded in 1994, and currently has an extensive network of 11,766 ATMs and 4,014 branches across the country. The bank offers a wide range of financial products. Since its establishment, HDFC has witnessed an exponential graph of its growth.

The USP of the bank is that it is offering two wheeler loans at reasonable rates of interest, with fewer hassles of documentation, making the whole process of loan disbursal swift and quick. In the current scenario when most of the Indians have access to banking, realizing the dream of owning a two-wheeler has become easier. While many people see it as a convenient mode of daily commute, some people need it for biking adventures across different geographical terrains of India.

Features of HDFC Bank Two Wheeler Loan

HDFC two-wheeler loans come with a wide range of lucrative features that are listed below:

  1. The interest rate of the loan is 2% less, and the processing fees are 50% less for HDFC account holders.

  2. The bank has an online facility where the applicant can check the loan eligibility and status of application anytime.

  3. The time limit for repayment option ranges from 12 to 48 months. The repayment options are very flexible and can be availed even at the time of purchase.

  4. The EMIs of the loan can be paid through auto debit payments or post-dated cheques.

  5. Interest rates are very reasonable.

  6. Around 3000 branches across India provides this facility.

  7. Payment process of the loan is streamlined without any hiccups.

  8. The documentation procedure is simple and can be availed through a doorstep service.

  9. For some specific two-wheeler models, lucrative loans are provided to HDFC account holders

  10. All the loan charges are mentioned in writing along with the loan quotation.

HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Fees

The fees of HDFC Two Wheeler Loan includes essential charges such as pre-payment charges, penalty on late payment of EMI, charges on the cancelation of the loan, etc.

EMI Late Payment Penalty

HDFC levies a penalty on late EMI payments at a rate of 2.5% /month on the installment.

Prepayment Penalty

The charges on prepayment are based on the period in which payment has been made. For example, if the amount is paid between a slab of 7 and 12 months in advance from the date of the first EMI, the charge will be 6% of the outstanding principal.


Here is a table for your reference:

Description of Fees and Charges Bike Loans
Documentation Charges 3% of the loan amount at max
Loan Processing Charges 3% of the loan amount at max
Pre-payment charges
  • Between 7 to 12 months period from the date of the first EMI, the charge will be 6% of principal outstanding.
  • Within 13 and 24 months from first EMI, the fees will be 5% of principal outstanding.
  • After the twenty-four months from first EMI, the charge will be 3% of the principal outstanding.
  • Within six months of EMI repayment, the customers are not allowed to do prepayment
EMI Late payment penalty For late payment of EMI, the charge will be 2.5% / month on the Unpaid Installment
NOC/ No Due Certificate Nil
EMI return charges/ Cheque Bounce Rs 550/- only
Stamp Duty At actuals as levied by respective State Government
Legal, Repossession & Incidental charges At Actuals
Collection Charges (PDD) Up to Rs.300/-
Credit Bureau related charges (only on request) Rs. 50 only
Loan cancellation charges NIL (The customer will, however, be charged interest for the interim period between the loan payment date and the date of loan cancellation. Documentation fees, Processing charges, and Stamp Duty would be retained.)
Duplicate NOC Rs. 500/- per request
Cheque/ECS swapping Charges Rs 500/- only
Reschedulement Charges/ Loan Rebooking Rs 1000/- only
Special NOC Charges Rs 500/- only
Amortization Schedule Charges Rs 200/- only

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant of HDFC two wheeler loan has to be –

  • Minimum 21 years old during the application, and should be less than 65 years when the tenure ends.

  • Either a salaried or self-employed professional.

  • Salaried individuals with a minimum yearly income of Rs. 84,000, and self-employed individuals with an annual salary of at least Rs. 72,000.

  • Working for more than a year before applying for the loan.

  • Have a landline phone either at their office, or at home.

  • The applicant must reside for at least a year at the given address before applying.


Proof of Address: POA include passport copy, voter's ID, electricity bill, driving license, ration card, and the most recent credit card bills. If the document of address proof is in the name of the spouse or parents of the applicant, it is still valid.

Identity Proof: Identity proof includes a photo identity card from a government body or a recognized institution.

Income Proof:

  • Salaried Individuals: Salary slip of last two months.

  • Self-Employed persons: copy of the recent ITR form


Q1. What is the loan processing fee on an HDFC Bike loan?

The loan processing charge is at 3% of the loan amount.

Q2. Is there any penalty charged if I fail to pay my two wheeler loan EMI on time?

Yes, a penalty of 2.5% per month is charged on the unpaid installment.

Q3. What are the special schemes that HDFC provides on two-wheeler loans?

There are a few schemes which have been designed for customers as per their needs:

1. Up to 48 months loan tenure

2. A pre-approved loan of up to 100% of the bike price for HDFC account holders on selected models of a two-wheeler.

Q4. What if I pre-pay the entire loan amount?

After the first six months of taking the loan, the customers can pre-pay it for which there will be a nominal charge. But remember that you will only have to pre-pay using DD/MC/Cheques as cash is not accepted in pre-payment.

Q5. Do I need a guarantor for getting a loan?

No, in most of the cases a guarantor is not required unless you don't comply with the bank's norms. In case If you are asked to get the guarantor, then the guarantor will become a co-endorser, and is liable if any fraud happens.

Q6. How can a person get a duplicate NOC/Form 35, if the loan of the vehicle has been fully repaid and closed?

Visit any of the retail loan service centers to get a duplicate NOC/Form 35 by submitting these documents:

  1. The Original Registration Certificate book for validation and the duly Self-attested copy of the Registration Certificate book.

  2. Request form for Duplicate NOC/Form 35.

  3. An application charge of Rs. 500/- which needs to be paid with a pay order/ cheque/ DD.

  4. In case if the applicant is not available to submit the request personally, a bearer may do so for you. In this case, for the authorization of bearer, KYC documents, such as identity and signature proof like Driving License, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, or Passport Copy are required for submission.

  5. Closure NOC/Form 35 will not be given to you if:

    1. You didn't provide a copy of RC Book

    2. The same vehicle is recorded with the Bank for another loan

    3. If there are any over dues on your name

Q7. Is it possible to apply for a bike loan online?

Yes, it is applicable. Just click on the 'Apply Now' button and enter all the required details correctly. After that, you shall be directed accordingly, and the loan application process will be completed in no time.

Q8. How can I calculate my two wheeler loan EMI?

Calculate your EMI using the dynamic tool loan EMI calculator present on HDFC Bank portal.