8 Pocket-friendly Places to Visit Before Starting a Family

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We all want to roam around the world, take in panoramic views, soak in diverse cultures and sample different gastronomic delights. But it gets harder to travel and visit different places when you have kids. Chilling under the Eiffel Tower has a different meaning when you are lugging a toddler screaming at the top of her lungs. The rough streets of Italy are a lot less attractive when you have to push a stroller across them. mymoneykarma tells you about eight best places to travel before marriage. You should explore all the fun places to visit before you settle down with kids.


The Maldives has the perfect tropical backdrop. These exotic islands, located in the Indian Ocean, are made up of 1190 atolls surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Most resorts in the Maldives have their private beaches that give you access to a beautiful shore whenever you want. You can go swimming, snorkeling or scuba-diving in the sparkling, turquoise-blue waters. Travel to a deserted area of the island, enjoy a sunset tour, dinner under a starry sky, visit a nightclub or enjoy a spa treatment in your own private bungalow, surrounded by the waters of the lagoon. The Maldives is perfect for a solo trip or a trip with your girl gang.


If beaches aren't your scene, you can head out to Monaco. This micro city-state located in France is a popular tourist attraction in Europe, filled with lots of glitzy casinos, lovely whiteboard cafes, sunny sidewalks and easy-going people taking a leisurely stroll. Monaco is a must-visit for you if you want to soak in European culture before you settle down. Monaco also has a lot of shopping districts and is home to the boutiques of famous designers. So, you can shop to your heart's content. Make sure you choose a forex card that gives a good exchange rate. Monaco is also famous for the Monaco Grand Prix Formula One circuit. So, you can get your dose of adrenaline from watching a race.


You might prefer picturesque landscapes to glitzy casinos. Amsterdam is one place that you should definitely visit with your girl gang before your marriage.  Amsterdam is one among the most picturesque cities of Europe filled with bridges, canals, and people on nice bikes. Armed with great galleries, fabulous restaurants, cafes, designer boutiques, boating services, there is something to do for everybody. But Amsterdam is also known to be one of the towns known for mugging. Be extra careful with your belongings and buy travel insurance before you visit.


If you are a party bird, Vegas is a place you must visit to celebrate your singlehood before settling down. Vegas is famous all over the world for its casinos, nightclubs, and walk-in marriage chapels. You can find lodgings quite easily as Vegas has everything from five-star hotels to decent and cheap motels. You can also treat yourself to gastronomic delights as Vegas has several Michelin-starred restaurants. Vegas is THE place to party till dawn.


If you are more into adventure sports like hiking and trekking, Nepal is an excellent destination for you to visit before starting a family. Nepal is Mecca for outdoorsy type travelers owing to the Himalayan mountains that offer some of the best trekking opportunities in Asia. In fact, Nepal boasts of eight among the ten highest peaks in the world. You can even attempt to scale the famous Mt. Everest, though it takes extensive training to do so. Nepal is littered with numerous Buddhist monasteries and stupa, the prominent being Bouddhanath, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site.


If you are a connoisseur of good wine and Italian cuisine, you must visit Naples before starting a family. As far as those Italian cliches go, Naples seems to encapsulate them all as the home of pizza, gelato, mandolin playing musicians and the mesmerizing, rust-red volcano - Mt. Vesuvius. Naples is also home to many art galleries; the city houses of several artists. You must make it a point to sample the street food in Naples as the wood-fired pizza and pasta made with local produce are to die for. You will find Naples fascinating if you are a history buff.  Naples has several museums and galleries filled with Roman and Greek antiquities.


Beautiful wooden houses, streets filled with technologically advanced cars and pink cherry blossoms remind you of Japan. If you are a technology buff, Japan might seem a paradise. You can go visit Japan's active volcano Mt. Fuji, hobnob with deer in Nara Deer Park or buy the latest smartphone from the electronic showrooms of Osaka. 

New York

New York is the epicenter of diversity and culture in the US. The famous Statue of Liberty, the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge are a few of the famous sites you must visit in the Big Apple. New York is also home to the most renowned comedy clubs and theatre districts in the world. It is one of the fastest metropolitan hubs in the world, and the sun never sets in the city. It is one destination that you must visit before settling down.

To Sum up

Several fascinating places in the world demand a visit before you hang up your traveler boots. You can go on solo trips or go with your friends. You should definitely visit some of these fantastic places before you start a family.

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