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4 Ways to Earn a Profit while Caring for the Environment

Is there a way to earn money while still saving the environment? 

Here’s the good news…

There’s not just one, but several ways to do just that. In this article, we are going to look at them.

Work for a Green Company

Want to know the best way to make money while caring for the environment? Work for a Green Company. These are companies who work in directly saving the ecology or in the manufacture of sustainable technologies which don’t damage the environment, like solar cars. These companies include Tesla, Seventh Generation, Greenpeace and Sierra Club. You can get fantastic career opportunities at such companies, have a job that is meaningful, and still earn a lot! Additionally, there are companies whose business practices are not totally eco-friendly but who still have a CSR team that support green initiatives. So should you just go for large Green companies and organizations? Not necessarily. You may find there are many smaller ones with goals more suited for you. 

Start a Green company of your own

Maybe the goals of other green companies don’t have anything in common to your values. Or maybe you just want to develop your own business or start your own company. If so, you can start a Green Company yourself! It’ll be a commitment not just to save the environment, but can be a profitable way to do so.

Here are some ideas to get your entrepreneur bug started: you could develop energy efficient equipment, or can even develop more ways for people to become paperless. Remember how much you save in utility bills when you use equipment like electric vehicles, LED lighting, and Energy Star appliances? 

By the way, you may not want to leave your day job just yet. In that case, get a green side hustle. This can be selling produce from your roof garden on the local farmers market, and starting a blog on green fashion.

Save money with energy Efficiency Tax Incentives

 Money saved is money earned too, right? Well, this way you can save money through energy efficiency tax incentives. Look for central and state tax incentives in this category and whether they are available for individuals or businesses.

Some of these are available to either of them, or both of them. So you’ll have to research a bit here. While tax breaks won’t bring you cash directly, they do make you money through an increase in tax refund.

Invest in green companies

You don’t need to work for or start green companies yourself. Why not let them do the good work, and you just invest in, or back them up? Invest in the companies, after doing a good research on their yearly performance of course. When you do this, shareholders can collectively hold companies responsible and accountable for the protection of the planet.

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