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Fit is the new beautiful. Physical fitness is defined as your state of health and wellness, or the ability to perform your daily job, routine, and sports without hindrance. As we now belong to the fast-food generation, the excess calories that we consume often lead to weight gain. Apart from fast food, there can be various reasons for weight gain, such as an underactive thyroid, diabetes, ageing, steroid treatment, fluid retention, etc., especially for women.  This weight gain could lead to obesity, which affects your health by increasing insulin levels, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, the chances of heart stroke, depression, and a lot more. With the increase in the number of obesity cases and due to its adverse effects, women have grown more aware regarding fitness these days. 

However, if you are an independent woman who goes to the gym, then you may be burning your cash unnecessarily. We are here to help you out with tips on how to burn calories fast at home, by providing you with the best ways to do so. So gear up and make sure that you follow the fitness regime given below to reach your goals.

Go for Jogging/Running

Jogging and running have become a popular form of physical activity, and it is the best exercise as it doesn't cost a bomb. Moreover, you can run at any time that suits you. The difference between jogging and running is the intensity. Running is faster, burns more calories, and demands more effort from the heart, lungs, and muscles. It requires a higher level of overall fitness than jogging. Regular jogging or running offers many health benefits, which are as follows:

  • Strengthens your muscles.

  • As it is a weight-bearing exercise, it helps in building strong bones.

  • Burn calories without equipment.

  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness.

  • Helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

General tips

  • Consult your doctor before you start a running program.

  • Start with brisk walking, progress to jogging, and then to running.

  • Stretch your body before you go running.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and a good pair of shoes.

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet.

Practice Yoga

If you are really looking for reasons to practice Yoga, there are a lot of benefits. You can burn calories without equipment. Before getting into the benefits of Yoga, however, it is essential that you understand what it really is. Yoga is a practice that connects your body, mind, and spirit through meditation, different body postures, and controlled breathing. Multiple studies have confirmed that maintaining a regular yoga practice provides both physical and mental health benefits. There is a wide range of benefits that come with yoga.

  • Improves bone strength.

  • Maintains a healthy weight.

  • Lowers heart-related risks.

  • Lowers blood pressure.

  • Improves lung capacity.

  • Improves flexibility.

Apart from physical fitness and health, yoga also deals with mental fitness. It heals mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. Practicing yoga at home isn't difficult. There are a lot of videos on step-by-step procedures for practicing asanas. Have a look at those videos and start practicing today if you are aiming for both mental and physical fitness.

General tips

  • Keep a practice journal.

  • Make space in your home for regular practice.

  • Create a practice routine.

  • Invest in a yoga mat.

  • Take breathing breaks.

Work Out at Home

A workout doesn't just mean burning your calories doing strenuous cardio and resistance training at the gym. If you are someone who is interested in burning calories without fee, working out at home is the best option. If you are really determined, it is as effective as a gym workout. With the advent of technology, we have access to a lot of sources such as blogs, articles, or videos related to workout routines that can be done at home. Here we provide you with the basic knowledge on how to burn calories fast at home.

You can start your routine with basic workout sessions such as pushups, squats, lunges, and planks. Make sure that you do a minimum of 10 each in the beginning and increase it gradually. If you are a beginner, work on your postures first. If you wish to improve your strength gradually, you can move on to high-intensity workouts or add weights to your routine.

You can also  make use of fitness apps to bolster your home workout routine. There are many such applications, such as Myfitnesspal, HealthifyMe, Squats, Headspace, Lose Weight in 30 Days, Fitbit Coach, etc. which could help reinforce your fitness regime.

General tips

  • Start with your body weight.

  • Do a proper warm up.

  • Do 15 reps and three sets per exercise.

  • Have a balanced diet with adequate protein, carbs, and water.

Have a Balanced Diet

A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside. Keeping your calorie intake in check is of utmost importance. You may not reach your fitness goal if you fail to maintain a balanced diet. A woman must consume about 2000 calories per day in order to maintain weight, and around 1500 calories to lose 0.5 kg of weight. Protein is the king of all nutrients when it comes to losing weight. If you increase your protein intake, it boosts metabolism, fights cravings, and reduces appetite, which in turn leads to weight loss. This is how you can burn calories at home. Keep in mind the following things to have a balanced diet. 

General tips

  • Avoid fruit juices, sugary soft drinks, and sodas.

  • Avoid refined carbs and sugars.

  • Increase water consumption.

  • Reduce carbohydrate intake.

  • Have a good workout routine.

  • Eat the right amount of calories.

  • Eat lots of fruit and veggies.

  • Reduce salt consumption.

To Sum Up

It is quite simple to go through blogs or watch fitness videos, but planning your schedule of workout can be a challenging affair. Your body can stand almost anything. It is your mind that needs to be convinced. Try burning your calories without equipment and without burning your cash by following the above fitness routines. Stay healthy and be fit!

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