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Company Information

Suzlon Energy Limited (SEL) is India's most significant renewable energy solutions provider with its presence in 18 countries across six continents. The company is involved in the business of design, manufacturing, development, and supply of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) of a wide range of capacities. Their services are linked to the sale of WTGs and associated activities, including the sale/sub-lease of land, infrastructure development income; sale of gearboxes, and the sale of forging components. Suzlon has a substantial presence across the entire Wind Value Chain and it also has a wide range of services to develop and maintain the projects, which cover design, supply, installation, commissioning of the project and dedicated life-cycle asset management services. Suzlon Group is a  leader in India with more than 11.9 GW of installed capacity and a global installation of roughly 17.9 GW expanded across 17 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America. The company has a manufacturing capacity of 4,200 MW wind turbine generators scattered across three Nacelle units in India and one of the units is located in China (Joint venture). SE Forge, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzlon Energy was incorporated in 2006 and it has an unmachined casting capacity of 1,20,000 metric tonnes, forging capacity of 42,000 rings and machining capacity of 55,000 metric tonnes per year. Suzlon Global Services Limited (SGSL), which is another wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzlon Energy is the curator of more than 11.9 GW of wind assets that are under service in India making it the second largest operations and maintenance company (with over 8,000 turbines) in the Indian power sector. The company also has around 4GW of wind assets in service outside India. Suzlon has its research and development centers for Wind energy in Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and India.

Suzlon Energy Ltd: History and Trends

Suzlon Energy Ltd was consolidated in the year 1995. The company started as a wind farm project in Gujarat with a capacity of 3 MW. In 1997, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) accredited Suzlon Group with the coveted ISO 9001/2 certification. In 1998, the company formed Suzlon Developers Pvt Ltd and Suzlon Wind Farm Services Pvt Ltd. They seized their first order of Ghodawat Pan Masala Products in the state of Maharashtra. They executed their debut entry in Maharashtra by setting up their first Wind Turbine in Maharashtra.

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  • In 1999, the company commissioned their first-ever wind turbine in Tamil Nadu. The company was granted the prestigious contract from Tata Finance Ltd and Bajaj Auto Ltd, which was linked to the turn-key wind farm project in Maharashtra.

  • In 2000, the company licensed their first 50 MW at Vankhusavade, Maharashtra and established the Suzlon Green Power Limited. Moreover, the company's first MegaWatt wind turbine generator was commissioned for Niskalp Investments, which is a Tata Group Company.

  • In 2001, the company commenced a wholly owned subsidiary company under the name of AE-Rotor Holding B.V in The Netherlands. In October 2001, they initiated Suzlon Wind Energy Corp, USA, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. In November 2001, they formed the Suzlon Energy GmbH, Germany, which is also a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

  • In 2003, the company commissioned their first Wind Turbine in the USA. They initiated their representative office in Beijing, China. Composite Centre International presented the Export Excellence Award to the company at the International Exposition India Composites in 2003 at Hyderabad, India.

  • In 2004, the company started a wholly owned subsidiary company in Australia with the name of Suzlon Energy Australia Pty Ltd. In March 2004, the company set its first imprint in the state of Karnataka by commissioning a 3.75 MW Wind Power Project for MSPL, which is a major mining company in the country.

  • In August 2005, the company consolidated Suzlon Rotor Corporation, USA. The company bagged the first Korean Order by signing the contract for 14.7 MW WPP for Jeju Wind Farm Project by binding with Unison Co. Ltd, which is the largest and most experienced developer company in Korea.

  • In 2006, the company signed the Framework Agreement with Edison Mission Group for supplying 157.5 MW by acquiring a major International repeat Order. In March 2006, the company ventured into a strategic acquisition of the Hansen Transmission International NV, Belgium, which is one of the  largest wind energy & industrial Gearbox manufacturer globally through their subsidiary, Rotor Holding B.V. In the same year, the company made their maiden venture in Australia by signing the deal to build Australia's largest Wind Farm Project for Australia Gas & Light (AGL) Company. Furthermore, they got enlisted in the European market by signing a contract for 39.9 MW Wind Turbine Capacity. In 2006, the company was awarded the Best Manufacturer of the Year, accompanied by Best Company in Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the Wind India Conference in Pune. Suzlon Limited was also ranked the second leading company in the Best Service Provider among the Manufacturers in the same Conference. It was also the only company to attract FDI.

  • In March 2007, the company initiated their first 2.1 MW capacity turbine in Down Under, Australia. Additionally, they completed the V3 S88 Test Turbine installation. The company signed a significant new order with DLF Limited, one of India's foremost infrastructure companies, for 150 MW wind turbine capacity. The company commissioned its first 600 kW turbine at the site at Agali, in Kerala.

  • In February 2008, they created a step-down wholly owned subsidiary company, SE Drive Technik GmbH in Germany. The company had also started a  joint venture with Renewable Energy Technology Centre GmbH in Hamburg, Germany.

  • In June 2008, the company procured the Areva's total stake of approx 30% in REpower Systems AG of Germany. In the year 2008-09, Suzlon acquired a 37.82% stake of REpower Systems AG (REpower) which increased its holding in REpower to 73.65%. The company ventured into the Sri Lankan wind energy market by striking a deal with Senok Wind Power Pvt Ltd. The company's China subsidiary, Suzlon Energy Ltd (SETL) in Tianjin entered an agreement with Inner Mongolia North Longyuan Wind Power Corporation, a company based in China for instituting a  100 MW wind farm project funded by the World Bank. During the year, the company's subsidiaries consolidated in special economic zones (SEZ). In the same year, SE Solar Pvt Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzlon Wind International Ltd and in turn, it became a step-down subsidiary of the company. Sunrise Wind Project Pvt Ltd also became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hansen Drives Pvt Ltd and in turn, it became a step-down subsidiary of the company. Moreover, the company through their subsidiary sold roughly 67,010,421 shares (which comprises of 10% of the equity base) in Hansen Transmissions International NV to the reserves managed by Ecofin Ltd (Ecofin), a London-based specialized investment firm. Post the transfer, Suzlon had a voting and economic interest in Hansen of 61.28%. During the same year, the company auctioned their subsidiary Suzlon Energy GmbH and Suzlon Windpark Management GmbH to its step-down subsidiary Tarilo Holding B.V. and after that merged Suzlon Windkraft GmbH with Suzlon Energy GmbH to facilitate efficient management of research and development activities within the company.

  • In the year 2009-10, Shubh Realty Pvt Ltd in Gujarat became a completely owned subsidiary of Suzlon Infrastructure Services Ltd and it also became a step-down subsidiary of the company. Meanwhile, the following companies also became the subsidiaries of Suzlon Energy Pvt Ltd

    RPW Investments, SGPS, S.A.,

    Suzlon Power Venture in Portugal

    Suzlon Wind Energy Bulgaria EOOD,

    Valum Holding B.V.,

    Suzlon Wind Energy BH - Bosnia,

    Einundzwanzigste Vittorio Verwaltungs GmbH,

    Suzlon Energy Australia RWFD Pty Ltd,

    Age Pargue Eolico EL Almendro,

  • The company, through its subsidiaries, acquired an extra stake of 16.85%  of REpower Systems AG (REpower), increasing their holding in REpower to a staggering 90.50%. The company's shareholding through its subsidiary in Hansen Transmissions International NV (Hansen) diminished to 26.06% and Hansen terminated to be a subsidiary of the company, after the sale of 35.22% shareholding.

  • In the year 2010-11, the following companies became the step-down subsidiaries of Suzlon Pvt. Ltd.:

Suzlon Wind Energy South Africa PTY Ltd.,

Suzlon Energy Australia CYMWFD Pty. Ltd.,

Sure Power LLC,

Renewable Energy Contractors Australia Pty. Ltd.,

REpower Systems Polska Sp.zo.o,

REpower Systems Scandinavia AB,

REpower Portugal - Sistemas Eolicos, S.A.,

Ventipower S.A.

RiaBlades S.A.

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