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HPCL Share Price Performance

HPCL Stock trends in 2018:

HPCL is currently trading at Rs. 202.55, increased by 21.95 points or 12.15% from the previous closing of Rs. 180.60 on the BSE.

The scrip opened at Rs. 177.80 and had touched a high and low of Rs. 215.40 and Rs. 177.00 respectively. So far 2409423 HPCL stocks were traded on the indices.

The BSE group 'A' stock of face value Rs. 10 has reached a 52 week high of Rs. 483.75 on 26-Oct-2017 and a 52 week low of Rs. 163.45 on 05-Oct-2018.

Last one week high and low scrip stood at Rs. 215.40 and Rs. 163.45 respectively. The current market capitalization of the company is Rs. 30826.93 crore.

The Institutions and Non-Institutions held 36.59% and 63.41% stake respectively in the company.

The other top gainers of group ‘A’ on the BSE were HEG up by 11.65%, Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals up by  8.08% and Oil And Natural Gas Corporation was up by 5.52%.

HPCL Stock trends in 2017:

The share price of HPCL stood at Rs.347.57 in January 2017. The month was closed with the highest share price of Rs.367 and the lowest HPCL share price of Rs.294.50. It increased to Rs.358.50 in the subsequent month. In March 2016, the share value of HPCL came down by 2.25% to Rs.350.43.

The shares were traded at Rs.357.43, Rs.369.47, and Rs.340.23 in April 2017, May 2017 and June 2017.  In April, they had registered a 2% hike, a 3.37% rise in May and a 7.91% drop in June of 2017.

After June, the stocks had witnessed a growing trend. The shares were up by 12.63% to Rs.383.20 and were up by 27.44% to Rs.488.35 in July 2017 and in August 2017. The share prices of HPCL came down by 12.60% to Rs.426.80 in the September month. The performance of the equities of the oil and natural company was satisfactory.

Between October 2017 and December 2017, the HPCL stocks were sold at the highest price of Rs.484.35 and the lowest price of Rs.400. In October 2017 and December 2017, the HPCL share price rose by 4.77% and 0.46%. Even this quarter had generated excellent returns for the stock traders.

Stock trends of HPCL in 2016:

  1. In January 2016, the highest share price of HPCL was reported at Rs.202.22 and the lowest share price at Rs.172.78. During the February month, the share price of the oil and natural gas company slid by 2.42%.
  2. The scrip began increasing again in March 2016 and stood at Rs.175.06. Between January and March 2016, the highest and lowest stock prices were Rs.181.85 and Rs.141.14 respectively.
  3. The equity value of HPCL grew by 5.84%, 8.72% and 9.91% in April, May and June 2016 respectively. The lowest price was at Rs.172.34, and the highest rate was stood at Rs.223.32 during this quarter. The overall performance of HPCL  stock was excellent.
  4. The stock price of HPCL continued to increase in July 2016. The shares were quoted at Rs.280.38 and had reported a growth rate of 26.65% in the month. They moved to Rs.270.82 in the following month.
  5. The stocks were increased by 4.36%, 10.21% and 0.84% in September, October and November 2016. Towards the 2016 end, the share value of the company was evaluated at Rs.294.20. The eight months in 2016 had shown an upward trend in price and the remaining four months a downward trend.

Market Capitalization:

As of March 2018, the market capitalization of HPCL was Rs.58,408.12 crore.

HPCL Wealth and Recent Performance:

  1. The sales revenue of HPCL was increased by 16.09% to Rs.6,30,762 crore during the Q3 ended on 31 December 2017. The oil marketing company recorded a 15.85% hike in the total income.
  2. Similarly, the operating profits were increased by 6.07% to Rs.36,328.30 cr. The gross profit soared by 8.39% during the same period.
  3. Profit before Depreciation and Tax (PBDT) increased to Rs.34,531 crore from Rs.31,122.70 crore during the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2017-2018. The net earnings of HPCL were increased by 12.39% to a Rs.19,496 crore.
  4. The EPS, which influenced stock investors to buy shares, rose to Rs.12.79. In the last quarter, it stood at Rs.11.38. It has been a good sign.

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Information About HPCL Stock Price:

HPCL is a reputable public-sector oil marketing company in India. It is listed on the Global Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000. The GOI owns the company with around 51% of the share. The remaining share has been distributed to other investors, including the retail and corporates. The company has been registered on the NSE and Bombay Stock Exchange. It holds over 25% market share in the Indian fuel retail sector. It has attained the brand identity for exceptional quality products and services.

The HPCL operates two major refinery centers of oil fabricating an extensive range of petroleum products. It also has the biggest Lube Refinery in India. The lube refinery owned and operated by HPCL can produce Lube Bases oil meeting the global standards. Presently, 300 plus Lube grades are provided by HPCL, which is also serving a refinery center in collaboration with Mittal Energy Investments Private Limited. The company runs domestically with more than 11,000 dedicated employees.

History of HPCL:

  1. In 1952, the HPCL began in the name of Standard Vacuum Refining Company of India Limited.
  2. In 1962, it was renamed as ESSO Standard Refining Company of India Limited.
  3. In 1974, HPCL was conceptualized.
  4. In 1979, Kosan Gas Company was amalgamated with HPCL.

Should You Invest in Stocks of HPCL?

Stock investors can be defined into two categories: 1) short-run investors and 2) long-run investors. The strategies of stock investment will be different for the two classes of investors. It's good to trust in the technical analysis if you are a short-term trader of HPCL shares. If you are a long-run trader of the HPCL stocks, the fundamental analysis is required.

The HPCL fundamentals have been strong. Therefore, the investors may consider investing in HPCL equities. The total share capital mounted at Rs.1,016.27 crore in the financial year ended on 31 December 2017. One year before, it was just Rs.339.01 crore. The net-worth is one of the most leading indicators for the investors. As of 31 December 2017, the BPCL was Rs.20,347.41 crore.

The overall revenue of the company increased to Rs.192,992.49 crore in the Fiscal Year  2017 from Rs.178,951.85 cr as on the previous year. The solvency ratios are at sync with the accounting standards. Considering these aspects, you may hope that the HPCL stocks will yield a better return over the long-term.

Using the technical analysis, one can comprehend the stock price of HPCL. It is the best way to make uninformed investment decisions. As per a 5-day moving average, you may consider selling the share at Rs.383.15.

If you look at the stock prices of HPCL in 2016 and 2017, it is noteworthy that the growth rate was considerable and consistent. They moved in a growing trend except for a few months. Considering this factor, holding the shares of the oil marketing company may earn better results over the long-run.

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