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HCC Share Price Performance

HCC is a public-private company, based in Mumbai, India. HCC is constructing the Lavasa, a city located in the Sahyadri hills near Pune.

 History and Trends of Hindustan Construction Company Ltd or HCC Share Price:

 1926 - The Company was established as a public limited company. The working field of the company is Construction and Engineering. The Company undertakes the tunnels constructions, railway bridges and other large-scale construction work of all types.

1948 -  24,000 bonus equity HCC shares were issued in the ratio of 2:1 in the month of May.

1962 - 36,000 bonus equity shares were issued in the ratio of 1:1.

1966 - 1,08,000 equity HCC shares were issued in the ratio of 3:2.

1967 - The Walchand Tandur Cement Co. Ltd., Hyderabad became a subsidiary of the Organization with effect from 11th October.

- In the same year, 72,000 Bonus Equity shares were issued in the ratio of 2:5.

1972 - 81 or 2% debentures of the value of Rs.60 lakhs, Rs.25 lakhs, and Rs.35 lakhs, in the three series, were issued and allocated to ICICI, LIC, and UTI respectively.

1976 - The Ganga Bridge Construction Corporation Ltd., became the ancillary of the organization on 30th March.

1983 - In December, 25,20,000 bonus equity shares were issued in the ratio of 1:1.

1984 -  The Company issued 15% non-convertible debentures for Rs.6 crores on rights basis in March. Subscription of Rs.10 crores was retained to the extent. The allocation was made in September.

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- During March, 12,60,000 no. of equity shares offered at par for public subscription.

1985 - The company with the necessary approvals, disposed the entire investments in Walchand Tandur Cement Co., Ltd. at par to its associates in Walchand Industries Ltd. Subsequently, effective from 20th June 1986, the Walchand Tandur Cement Co. Ltd was ceased to be its subordinate.

- The UTI was agreed to extend the redemption date of these debentures up to a period of seven years from July at an increased interest rate of 15% with a premium price of 5% on redemption.

1986 - The Organization entered into the international consultancy agreement with the Pullman Products International Corporation, U.S.A and Interform, Sweden for the Trombay chimney works.

- The name of the Ganga Bridge Construction Co. Ltd. was made as "HCC Prefabricated Ltd." However, after reviewing, the name was once again changed to "The Ganga Construction Ltd."

1987 - The Company revived the technical collaboration agreement with Taisei Corporation of Japan for the underground tunnel work execution for the metro railway project in Calcutta. It entered into a deal with international consultancy, Geoconsult of Austria for the tunnel construction between Sewri and Futka Tank for BMC in Mumbai and with Bureau BBR International Ltd, Zurich, for the superstructure design and development of Godavari Bridge III in Andhra Pradesh.

1988 - The technical collaboration agreement with Taisei Corporation, Japan for the execution of the underground tunnel work for the Metro Rail project in Calcutta, came to an end in 1988.

- The government gave its approval for the (i) international consultancy agreements with Geoconsult of Austria for the construction of tunnel work between Sewri and Futka tank in Mumbai (ii) with Bureau RBR Ltd, Zurich, Switzerland for the superstructure design work and development of Godavari bridge III in Andhra Pradesh.

1989 -  The company proposed to buy the entire paid-up capital consisting of 10,000 equity shares of Rs.100, each at the cost of Rs.138/share of Vikhroli Metal Fabricators Ltd(one of the divisions of the Walchand group) held by the Premier Construction Corporation Ltd to make Vikhroli Metal Fabrication Ltd, a division of the company.

- Due to metro work halt at Calcutta, inadequate funding by the client affected Chandil dam and Icha dam projects in Bihar and the initial stages of mobilization of some other projects.

1990 - The company issued around 4,90,200 secured redeemable convertible debentures at 12.5% interest of Rs.80, out of which 24,510 debentures were given to employees of the company including Indian Directors/workers( but only 5,075 debentures, were taken up).

- The remaining 4,65,690 debentures in addition to the unsubscribed portion of 1,943 debentures of employees quota were provided to the public( out of which only 4,83,624 debentures were taken up). The rest of the unsubscribed portion of 1,500 debentures were allotted on private placement basis.

In Part A- Rs.30 of the debentures face value was automatically converted into three equity shares of Rs.10 each of six months expiry from the date of allocation of debentures. Accordingly, around 14,70,600 number of equity shares were allotted.

In Part B- The face value of each debenture was to be redeemed at Rs 50/- par in the three installments at Rs.15, Rs.15 and Rs.20 each on the expiry of 7th, 8th and 9th year consecutively from the allotment date of debentures.

1991 - The Company did a joint venture with M/s. Impregilo-Italy and gave a tender bid for Nathpa Thakri hydel project in HP. The contract for works of road construction in the state of Malavi was terminated for some reason.

- The Company also procured construction services management from M/s. John Laing International Ltd, U.K.

1994 - The company did a joint venture deal with the Alfred McAlpine International Ltd, U.K.

- The company put forward for consideration to enter into real estate development business with its property development at Vikhroli as a Corporate Park and a Residential Complex.

- The Walchand Hindustan Ltd. (formerly known as Premier Construction Co.Ltd) holds 100,28,480 number of equity stocks out of a total 200,33,250 number of equity shares issued by the company.

1995 - The Company did joint venture agreement with M/s. Renong Overseas Corporation of Malaysia to express highways in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The company also signed the deal with M/s. Van Oord ACZ BV, Holland for the execution of projects for Ennore Port Development under ADB in Chennai and with M/s. John Laing International Ltd. of U.K. for the construction managed services of National highway projects. The Company issued around 45,00,000 redeemable partly convertible debentures at 16.5%of Rs.200 each share for cash at par to the public.

- 77,66,625 bonus equity shares were issued in the ratio of 1:1. Around 45,00,000 shares were allotted on debentures.

1996 - There had been a setback in water supply tunnel in the Mumbai, i.e., WZO (A) due to the failure of the full-faced Tunnel Boring Machine which necessitated the repairs and five months time was gone before the work could be restarted in the tunnel.

1997 - The Company signed an MOU with M/s. Bechtel Water Technology U.K, Hyundai Engineering & Construction group, Korea, Sam Sung Corporation, Seoul, Korea, and M/s. PATI SDN BHD, Malaysia for participating in the water supply projects, bridge road, and hydro-electric projects respectively.

- The company has about 4.94 lakh sq ft of land, which is thought to modify into an entertainment complex.

1998 -

-  The company has maintained the dividend at the rate of 10% on its paid-up capital.

1999 - HCC has entered into a series of joint venture deals, including the ones with Samsung, Bechtel, Hyundai, and Pati Berhad, to bid aggressively for the infrastructure projects in India.

- The company entered into a joint venture deal with Hyundai Construction and Engineering for the Rs 220 crore cable-stayed bridge across the Yamuna bank in Allahabad.

- The company did a joint venture deal with Pati Berhad; a Malaysia based construction giant that has executed several projects in south-east Asia.

- HCC got involved in various civil engineering and construction activities and maintained a good track record of building bridges, roads, and the power plants.

- The Hindustan Construction Company Ltd (HCCL) was awarded a contract for the Icha Dam construction across the river Kharkai in Kuju village, Bihar(the defendants).

2000 - The company has entered into a tripartite agreement with CD, MCS Ltd,  and R&T agent for dematerialization. The equity shares were made live on CDSL since March.

- The joint venture of Hyundai and Hindustan Construction Corporation (HCC)had been awarded the contract for India's first cable-stayed bridge construction across the river Yamuna at Naini, Allahabad.

- CARE has allotted a PR1+ rating to the Commercial Paper programme of HCC Ltd for Rs 150.

- The Company did a tripartite agreement with NSDL, CDSL and MCS Ltd. for removing the circulation of shares on the stock exchange.

- Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. has floated an agreement with IT subsidiary, NCC Infotech Ltd.

2001 - The Company had been awarded a contract by the DMRC, New Delhi, for the Delhi Metro Rail Corridor construction, Package MC-1A.


-The company bagged Rs.912.3 million contract from Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd(MSRDC) for the construction of 4 lane road from Satara-Kolhapur-Maharashtra.


-Director Mr.D M Savur resigned from the Directorship of the company.

-Forfeited around 9250 equity stocks due to non-payment of allotment /call monies.

-Reappoints Mr. K G T Tendulkar as the Executive Director on the Board of the company.

-BOD voluntarily delists the equity shares of the company from the Delhi Stock Exchange of the company.


-Hindustan Construction gets Rs 843 crore order for lifting water from Godavari river using a single pipeline to fill the tanks at Salvigu, Nagaram, Dharmasagar, Bhim Ghanpur, Ramappa,  and Ghanpur railway station in Andhra Pradesh.

-Hindustan Construction Co Ltd (HCC) has bagged contract from National Highways Authority of India or NHAI to execute a project involving four-landing of a 77 km stretch highway located in the Chandikhole-Paradip section in Orissa.

- Awards an order of Rs 121 crore for providing the spiral welded pipes to PSL. Ltd for carrying out the Godavari Lift Irrigation Scheme project for AP government.


-Hindustan Construction Company Ltd has informed that the Company has secured its first BOT Project worth Rs 302 million from the office of the PWD.

- The HCC had been awarded a contract worth Rs 2144 million.

-HCC received 'National Award for Fly Ash Utilisation.'

-The HCC stock price  has split its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1


-The Hindustan Construction Company has bagged the contract awarded by National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) worth Rs 396 crore for construction of the Teesta Low Dam hydroelectric power project in the West Bengal. The HCC was one of the foremost infrastructure building companies in India.

-Hindustan Construction Company Ltd has informed that the Company has been awarded a contract for Rs 3171.10 million from National Highways Authority of India, New Delhi for making national highway lanes.


-The Hindustan Construction signed on Starwood Hotels to Manage Resort, Convention Centre at Lavasa Township

-Hindustan Construction gets DMRC contract


-Hindustan Construction bags Rs 340 Crore BOT Project from NHAI to construct Badarpur elevated six-lane highway

-Hindustan Construction Company Ltd has informed regarding the award of two new contracts aggregating to Rs 1688.28 Crore from Government of Andhra Pradesh, Irrigation and CAD Department.


- Hindustan Construction Company Ltd had received Rs. 276.44 crore Pare HEPP order.

-HCC signs two MoUs worth Rs 41.5 K cr with Gujarat government

-HCC Ties Up with AMEC for Independent Nuclear Technology Services

-HCC bags Rs 387.50 Crore order for Dagachhu Hydro Power Plant, Bhutan


- The civil works at the Rajasthan Atomic Power Project, Rawatbhata were given to the Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) as it had bagged the contract of Rs 887.92 crore from Nuclear Power Corporation (NPCIL).

- HCCIL signed an MOU with Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) to bid and develop large NHAI (road) projects in India.

- Hindustan Construction Company Ltd has informed BSE that HCC-CPPL, i.e., Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. (HCC) and Coastal Projects Pvt. Ltd (CPPL) received the contract for construction of single line BG Tunnel No. 12 between Khongsang-Tupul in connection with the development of New Railway Line Project between Jinbham and Tupur in Imphal, from North Front Railway.

-The HCC issued the equity bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1


- Vizag Cavern Project, Visakhapatnam, India's first strategic oil reserve.

- CNBC TV18 gave the Infrastructure Excellence Award.

- The company was awarded the CIDC Vishwakarma award for the 'Best Project.'

- The Construction Week Award for 'Roads and Highways project of the year.'

- ICI - MC-Bauchemie Award for the most unusual concrete structure of the year.

- HCC Ltd. (Hindustan Construction Company Ltd), is the rugged construction and infrastructure development organization and Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd awarded it an EPC contract.

- HCC (Hindustan Construction Company), leading infrastructure construction and development company, in a joint venture with Alstom and awarded with a reputable contract of Rs.1843 cr from THDC India Ltd (THDCIL) to construct Tehri Pumped, Storage Plant.

-The registered office of the company has been shifted to Hincon House, 11th Floor, 247 Park, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Vikhroli (West), Mumbai-400 083


The HCC bagged the construction week award for 'Power Project of the Year.'

 The HCC accepted a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for a Rs.289 crore contract to construct a bulk water transmission system for Gujarat Water Infrastructure Limited (GWIL).

 North Frontier Railway has awarded Hindustan Construction Company, a leading construction, and organization in joint venture agreement with the CPL a project.

-The company secured the third contract from DMRC.


- HCC-Samsung JV won a contract worth Rs. 866 cr from DMRC for Metro- Phase III

- HCC awarded Rs 1597cr contract by THDC India Ltd.

- HCC bestowed Best Social Investment Strategy award by CSR World Congress

2016 -HCC JV had achieved order of worth Rs 1,114 crore from Manipur Government. -"HCC was awarded Rs. 635 crore contract from NTPC". -"HCC received 75% arbitral award amount of appx Rs. 2000 crore within 4 to 6 weeks". -HCC has been awarded a Rs 374.6 crore contract for a lift irrigation scheme in Madhya Pradesh.

2017-  In January 2017, HCC got approval from shareholders for conversion of the loan into equity.

HCC Ltd has informed BSE that the register of Members & Share Transfer Books of the company will remain closed from July 06, 2018 to July 12, 2018, including both the days for 92nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company was held on 12th of July. As per the BSE announcement  at the 92nd AGM of the Company held on July 12, 2018, at Walchand Hirachand Hall, Indian Merchants Chamber, Indian Merchants Chamber Marg, Churchgate, Mumbai-400 020, all the 10 business items present in the notice of the AGM as below were approved by the shareholders with requisite majority. Hindustan Construction Company Ltd has informed BSE regarding the details of AGM, under the Regulation 44(3) of SEBI (LODR),2015.

How can you purchase the shares of HCC?

HCC Stocks can be purchased from NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) in India. Details regarding the stock price, PE ratio, previous closings and other metrics that could help in judging the HCC stock which can be found on BSE and NSE-India website. The HCC stocks are listed on the Benchmark Indices of India like BSE Sensex and Nifty.

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