BHEL Share Price Performance

BHEL Company Information and Brief History 

BHEL is an enterprise owned by the Government of India. It is focused on sectors such as power plant, engineering, railways, renewable energy, etc., and also takes up Defence contracts. BHEL aims to ensure that the country becomes self-sufficient in indigenous manufacturing for power plants. It has an outstanding track record in the realm of power generation as well as in the installations of electrical equipment. As a result, the Government of India awarded the status of 'Maharatna' on this company, which is an exclusive award and has been given to only nine companies so far for their outstanding performance and also for their contribution to the growth and development of the country. The sale of equipment like turbines and boilers that are used in generating power is the main source of revenue generated by BHEL. Moreover, it supplies electric locomotives to the Indian railways. BHEL also invests a significant amount in research and development. Its major manufacturing plants are located in various cities throughout the country. 

BHEL is a PSU (public sector undertaking) of the Government of India. Heavy Electricals (India) Limited merged with BHEL in the year 1964.  At present, BHEL is the largest company in India which is dealing in power generation and heavy electrical equipment manufacturing. It was converted into a public company in 1991.  BHEL has proceeded to supply equipment in 2017, which generated 55% of the country's total installed power generation capacity. Besides power generation, BHEL has also branched out into areas like water treatment. Mr. Atul Sobti, the Chairman & Managing Director of the company, heads BHEL whereas, Mr. Subrata Biswas and Mr. Amitabh Mathur are the Executive Directors. The company is listed on the BSE as 500103 and on the NSE as BHELEQ. Investors can buy and sell the shares of BHEL on both of these exchanges. Moreover, it is also listed in other stock exchanges like  Bangalore Stock Exchange, Calcutta Stock Exchange Association, MCX Stock Exchange, etc. and in several indices as well like NIFTY100, Sensex Next 50, etc. As of March 6, 2018, BHEL’s market capitalization stands at over Rs.33,000 crore. BHEL share price fluctuates at every moment and thus it is very important for all potential investors to keenly study the performance of the company’s shares before investing in it.

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Is Investing in BHEL Shares a Good Idea?

The share market is considered to be a risky affair. There is no correct answer to this question. An investor must study the BHEL share price fluctuations, the market performance and trend of the company in order to decide if it would be a worthy investment. Observing the current trends, there has been a significant volatility of BHEL stock price in recent months. If someone invests in dividend stocks of BHEL for 5 years, it is suggested that the investor keeps checking for the fluctuation. BHEL is a cyclical share and one might profit from short-term investments, made in close monitoring.