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Bank of India Company Information and Brief History 

A group of businessmen established Bank of India (BOI) on September 7th, 1906. It is headquartered in Mumbai. It initially ran under private ownership and was nationalized in 1969 along with 13 other Indian banks. BOI was first set up in Mumbai; it had a paid-up capital of approximately Rs.50 lakh and around 50 employees. It was one among the first banks that embraced innovative financial practices. In 1982, Bank of India headed the way for the Health Code System which is used to evaluate and rate credit portfolios. In 1989, BOI was one of the first nationalized banks in the country to set up a completely computerized branch equipped with an ATM. This was at its Mumbai-based Mahalaxmi Branch. In 1997, the bank went ahead to make its public issue. Bank of India has immensely expanded over the years and has a good national and international presence. They have over five thousand branches in India and more than 20 overseas branches in countries like Singapore, Japan, the US and the UK. The market capitalization of Bank of India, as of August 2018, was a little more than Rs.16802.31 crore. Bank of India share price fluctuates at every moment and thus it is very important for all potential investors to keenly study the performance of the company’s shares before investing in it. 

Wealth and Recent Performance

Is Investing in BOI a Good Idea?

One must patiently observe the performance of the stocks and monitor the BOI share price for a considerable time before deciding to invest in it.