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How to Claim Offers & Benefits Worth Rs. 4,300 from mymoneykarma

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Some insights on how to avail offers and benefits from mymoneykarma and what you need to know.

mymoneykarma offers a unique all-in-one discount on every signup which helps you save up to Rs.4300 each year made on Rupay partnered websites. However, the offer ends on November 20th, 2018. So, let us give you a brief idea on how to avail maximum benefits out of mymoneykarma’s offer.

What is mymoneykarma’s Offer?

mymoneykarma, in partnership with Rupay, offers various personal finance management services such as credit score check, credit analysis and recommendations, that are worth Rs.4300. Every signup guarantees 100% discounted vouchers worth Rs.4300.

How to Claim mymoneykarma’s 100% Discount Code?

Step 1: mymoneykarma’s discount code is exclusively for Rupay members and is valid for one year. So, make sure to grab this offer while it lasts and signup on mymoneykarma’s digital platform.

Step 2: mymoneykarma will immediately give you access to your account when you sign up using the discount code. They’ll be visible on the landing page option on Rupay’s Website.

Whenever you signup using the promo code or link via Rupay’s website, you will receive a one-time discount of 100% with which you can sign up and create your mymoneykarma account for free to avail all the amazing features. You can also refer vouchers to your friends and family. There is no particular deadline set to use up the voucher that you receive during this offer. Protection Status