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HDFC Mobile Banking
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HDFC Bank offers an efficient and convenient way of banking through its mobile banking service.  One can initiate and carry out more than 75 transactions using the Mobile Banking App from HDFC on the smartphone. It can also be done through an internet browser on the mobile. This facility by HDFC is notable for its security features, as the information is neither stored on the SIM card nor mobile phone.

One can make bill payments, transfer funds, pay credit card dues and check account balance through this facility. HDFC offers separate apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and  Windows phones.

Features of HDFC Bank's Mobile Banking

The key features of HDFC Bank's MobileBanking service are as follows:

Missed Call Recharge - You can get your phone recharged through a missed call to the number 7308080808 without having to visit a store or downloading any separate app for recharging mobile phones. You can connect your acquaintances' phone numbers to your account, in order to enable them to avail of this extremely convenient facility.

It is available on all types of mobile devices and the transactions are entirely secure.

mPassbook - This feature lets you can update your passbook through your phone and save you a visit to the bank. It also gives you transaction updates on your accounts regularly. Additionally, you can also get a summary of your FDs and RDs, which can be viewed on your phone at any time, even when you are offline. It enables you to track your expenses and categorize your transactions. However, this facility is available for iOS and Android users only at the moment. You can tag transactions and also view a break-up of all your expenses and credits through the Interactive Statement feature of mPassbook.

SMSBanking - If you don't have a smartphone or don't have a data plan on your phone, you can avail all the Mobile Banking benefits by using SMS banking. It allows you to check your account balance and account statement and also generate a mini-statement by sending an SMS.

Services offered by HDFC Mobile Banking

Phone Banking offers you the benefit of various services. A detailed description of the services that can be availed through HDFC Mobile Banking is given below:

Reporting loss of your ATM, Debit, Credit, Forex or Prepaid Card

Now, you can easily use your ATM, Debit, Credit, Forex or Prepaid Card even if you lose it. If you lose any of your HDFC cards, you can call our PhoneBanking service immediately to ensure that your card is hot-listed or blocked instantly.

Check your account balance

You can check the latest details of your Savings Accounts, Current Accounts and your Fixed Deposits. You can check the last five transactions of your account as well.

Enquire about cheque status

You can quickly check the status of your cheques which you have issued from your account or deposited into your account.

Order a Cheque Book

If you're running out of cheque leaves or if you want to get a new cheque book is sent to your mailing address.

Stop Cheque Payment

If you've lost a cheque, you can hold the cheque payment. You can also stop payment of a series of cheques through PhoneBanking.

Access your Credit Card details

Get details of your credit card such as outstanding balances, transactions, charges, deliverables, information regarding the due date. Avail attractive offers for loans on Hdfc Credit Cards and HDFC Insurance products.

Enquire about Loans

Get information such as your outstanding loan amount, inquire about your loan account, request for an interest certificate and repayment schedule with the help of HDFC Mobile Banking

Resolve Demat Issues

With Mobile Banking, you can easily get account holding details, transaction details, the ISIN number, status of a Depository Slip, Client Master list information, Charges for the account, etc.

Open a Fixed /Recurring Deposit

You can call our Phone Banking service for opening a Fixed/Recurring Deposit and authorize fund transfer from your account.

Transfer funds between accounts

Transfer funds from one account to another through HDFC phone banking. Ensure that the accounts are linked to a single customer ID. You can transfer up to 1 lakh rupees in a single day.

Register and Pay your bills

You can now easily register and pay your telephone, mobile & other utility bills through Mobile Banking with HDFC BillPay service.

Re-generate ATM/Debit card PIN/NetBanking IPIN

If you've forgotten your ATM or Debit Card PIN or your Hdfc Netbanking IPIN, you can call the customer services to re-generate your PIN/IPIN

Enquire about latest Interest rates

Our Mobile Banking services will give you the latest updates on interest rates on Deposits and the Forex rates.

Request a Demand Draft / Manager's Cheque

You can now get Demand Drafts and Manager's Cheques delivered to your address.

Learn about all our other products

Learn all about HDFC Bank's products or services instantly through the PhoneBanking service.

Resolve Personal Loan and Home Loan Against Securities Account-related queries

Get the account-related details such as the Credit limit, Utilized amount, Overdrawn amount, Drawing Power, Interest rate, details of the Pledge, Interest Amount etc.

You can contact PhoneBanking in your city/town, select your preferred language & then dial 5 to speak to our PhoneBanking assistant.

Update your Email ID

You can contact the customer service to update your email ID.

Debit Card points redemption

You can redeem your Debit Card points through PhoneBanking

How To Register for HDFC Phone Banking

  • Download the PhoneBanking application form
  • You can download the application form for individuals from here and the application form for corporates here
  • Take a print out, fill in the necessary details along with your signature
  • In the next step, drop off the form at the nearest HDFC Bank branch.

HDFC Bank Fund Transfer Options

HDFC Bank account holders can transfer funds through several authorized methods:

e-Monies Electronic Funds Transfer - You can transfer funds across the country, from any bank branch to another through this facility. It is an easier, faster and more convenient mode of fund transfer than the conventional options.

RTGS Funds Transfer - Real Time Gross Settlement or RTGS transfer funds at the real-time, based on the received transfer instructions. The funds are individually settled as per instruction. RTGS happens to be the fastest way of interbank money transfer in our country.  Thus, it is faster than most of the other methods and the settlement cycles are much quicker. Rs.25 is charged per transaction for a transfer of Rs.2 lakh to Rs.5 lakh, exceeding which, the transaction charges are Rs.50.

Visa CardPay - This facility lets you pay your VISA credit card bill, irrespective of the bank that issued the credit card bill. The service is extremely quick and efficient. It is very convenient too as it can be accessed from your office or home. The payments are safe and secure, processed at negligible costs. A maximum transaction of Rs.49,999 is allowed with a nominal fee of Rs.5 per transaction.

IMPS - Immediate Payment Service, as the name suggests, is an instant way of electronic fund transfer. It is mainly used for inter-bank transactions. HDFC provides the IMPS facility to all its customers who have registered for using online HDFC services. It enables you to send as well as receive money at odd hours and even on Bank Holidays. The transferred money is directly credited to the beneficiary account. You must add a beneficiary to make IMPS transfers.

HDFC Mobile Banking IMPS

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) - UPI is the latest addition in the electronic fund transfer scenario. It lets you transfer funds in a safe, fast, and hassle-free manner, using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). There is absolutely no need to disclose your personal or bank account details for initiating transactions. These transactions are all secure, as they are authorized through an MPIN, which is known only to the customer. The daily limit is Rs. 1 lakh and there are no transaction charges.

NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer system or NEFT is a mode of electronic fund transfer that works on the basis of DNS or Deferred Net Settlement at specific times of the day. In NEFT, the transactions are carried out between banks via payment instructions. There is no set limit for NEFT transactions done at the bank. However, there is a limit of Rs.10 lakh per day for Net Banking.

HDFC NEFT Charges:

HDFC Mobile Banking

Benefits of HDFC Mobile Banking

  • It gives you the access to anytime-banking through your phone.
  • It provides the same level of security as the Net banking feature of HDFC does.
  • This facility is available to all the customers of HDFC with a savings or current account.
  • These services are completely free of charges, except the SMS charges.
  • It is extremely safe and secure.
  • Innumerable services can be availed through HDFC mobile banking, such as requests, inquiries, viewing account statements and transactions, etc.
  • You can access your bank account on the go from anywhere in the world through SMS if you have international roaming facility activated on your phone.

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking: Security Measures

  • If your phone is lost or stolen, your account information remains safe as your information is neither saved on your SIM card nor your mobile phone.
  • It is better to call the customer service to report the theft and deactivate your IPIN.
  • If you enter an incorrect IPIN five times consecutively, the pin gets blocked by HDFC.

HDFC Mobile Banking:  Do’s

  • Secure your mobile phone with a unique password, which is not to be shared with anyone.
  • Choose a strong password containing a mix of alphanumeric and special characters.
  • Change your password frequently to ensure safety.
  • Report the incident to the bank and the nearest police station without delay in case of theft or loss of your phone.

HDFC Mobile Banking:  Don’ts

  • Mobile banking can be quite risky since you access these services while on the move. Do not hurry while entering the details.
  • Don't share confidential information on any other website, except the registered bank’s app.
  • Never share any banking-related information on your phone.
  • If you happen to change your mobile number, you must inform the bank immediately.
  • Avoid using mobile banking while on a public network.

HDFC’s Missed Call Mobile Recharge

HDFC Bank launched this service in March 2016 to enable their customers to recharge their prepaid mobile number by giving a missed call.

To activate the service, type:  
ACT <Name of teleservice provider> <last five digits of your HDFC account number>
and send it as an SMS to 7308080808 from your mobile number that is registered with the bank.
The default amount for mobile recharges is Rs.50. However, you can also set a specific amount between Rs.50 to Rs.250 for recharge. To change the default recharge amount, type:
<FAV> <Recharge amount>
and send it as an SMS to 7308080808 from your mobile number that is registered with the bank.

Once the service is activated, you can give a missed call to 7308080808. The amount recharged will be deducted from your bank account.

FAQs on HDFC Mobile Banking

If I have never used netbanking, will I be able to login to Mobile Banking App?

Yes, you can use the netbanking IPIN provided along with the welcome Kit during Account opening to login directly to the Mobile Banking App.

Will my account get deactivated if I don't use the service for an extended period?

If you don't use this service for more than 999 days, your Customer ID gets blocked. You can re-activate your customer ID by resetting your netbanking password through our HDFC Mobile Banking App.

What can I do if I misplace my cell phone?

Even if you lose your mobile phone, your account remains safe since to enter the application; you need a password.

What are the charges for downloading and using the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking app?

The HDFC Bank Mobile Banking Application offered by HDFC Bank is free of charge to its customers.

Is this available service 24x7?

Yes, the service offered by HDFC Mobile Banking is available round the clock.

How Can I register for Net Banking?

You can follow the procedure suggested by mymoneykarma to register for HDFC netbanking.