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How to Generate Kotak Bank Debit Card PIN?
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While Kotak Mahindra Bank will give you a PIN along with your new debit/credit card, you can also reset  a unique PIN or regenerate the PIN yourself both online and offline. Unlike most other bank cards that have four digits PIN, Kotak Mahindra Bank credit/debit cards have six digits PIN.

Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM PIN Generation Online

Either you can access your online banking account or generate a new PIN on the official website of Kotak Mahindra. Here are some of the most convenient options available to change your PIN instantly

How to Generate Kotak Mahindra Debit Card PIN Through Net Banking?

If you have a net banking account, then here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Sign into your Kotak Mahindra net banking account.

  • Enter the CRN or customer ID and the password to sign in.

  • On the main menu, choose ‘Debit Cards.’

  • Then click on ‘Change or Create six digit chip credit card/ ATM PIN’ from the dropdown menu.

  • Provide the required debit card details.

  • Type your new PIN and then confirm by re-entering it.

  • Click on ‘Submit’ to generate your new PIN instantly.

How to Generate Kotak Mahindra ATM PIN Through Mobile Banking?  

Download the app first and register yourself to follow the below-mentioned steps for Kotak Mahindra PIN generation/ re-generation:

  • Open the Kotak Mahindra mobile application.

  • From the menu, choose the ‘Debit Cards’ option.

  • From the dropdown list, select the ‘Generate PIN/Regenerate PIN’ option.

  • Then enter your card details including the CVV, expiry date and other required details. Provide all the necessary information before submitting your request finally.

  • Now you will be prompted to choose a new PIN.

  • Enter the new PIN and confirm.

  • Your PIN will be generated instantly.

How to Generate Kotak Mahindra ATM PIN Through Website?

You can also change or generate your credit card PIN from the website of Kotak bank if you aren't registered for net banking or mobile banking.

  • Visit the instant PIN generation/re-generation web page of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

  • Choose ‘Debit Card.’

  • Provide all the details of the debit card including your expiry date and CVV.

  • In the last two fields, provide your six-digit PIN.

  • Confirm the PIN by re-entering it.

  • Click on ‘Submit’ to generate the new PIN.

How to Generate Kotak Bank Debit Card PIN generation Offline?

You can call the Kotak Bank customer care to change or generate your PIN. Here are the steps:

  • Call on toll-free number - 18602662666

  • The IVR will respond and provide you the required instructions.

  • Select your preferred language and then choose the services related to your debit card by pressing the number as instructed.

  • Now you will be asked to provide your CRN number or customer relationship number, card number, and T-PIN.

  • Then enter your new 6-digit PIN.

  • Make sure that you call from your registered mobile number to generate the PIN for the first time.