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How To Link Aadhar Card With HDFC Bank

How to link Aadhar Card to HDFC Bank Account

The government authorities of India has made it mandate for people to link their Aadhaar Card to their bank account, if you want to make sure that the benefits offered by means of the government can be transferred immediately to the account. Last date to complete the linking is 31 March 2018 and customers must do that without fail.

Linking Aadhaar Card to HDFC bank account is simple as you have got seven methods to link Aadhaar to HDFC bank account.

Link Aadhaar Card to HDFC financial institution Account thru Offline

Prior to linking your Aadhaar Card in your HDFC bank account through the offline direction, you may should hold certain documents ready including your bank passbook, your E-Aadhaar or Aadhaar Card, and the form for linking your Aadhaar Card to your HDFC bank account.

Step 1: The utility form can be downloaded from the bank’s site and you'll have to take a print out of the same and fill within the necessary data which includes your bank details and your Aadhaar number, etc.

Step 2: As soon as you have duly filled the form, you may should go to a branch of HDFC bank and submit the application shape as well as photocopy of your Aadhaar Card to a representative of the bank

Step 3: The bank will carry the form together with a photocopy of the Aadhaar Card to perform in addition verification assessments

Step 4: Once the bank has validated all of your facts, your Aadhaar Card will be linked in your HDFC bank account and you'll be notified by means by the bank

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Link Aadhaar and HDFC Account via internet Banking

Step 1: visit

Step 2: Login to your account, look for consumer identity/consumer id and click on “continue” tab

Step 3: below the accounts choice, pick “Request”

Step 4: next, click on the “View/replace Aadhaar number”

Step 5: pick the account to which you would love to link your Aadhaar range

Step 6: input the Aadhaar range once again and click on “update”

Step 7: Double check all of the details entered, and click on “confirm” button, to finish the linking method

Link Your Aadhaar and HDFC Account thru mobile Banking

Step 1: step one is to login to your HDFC bank’s mobile banking app

Step 2: under debts, pick “Request” segment

Step 3: pick the account that desires to be linked to the Aadhaar card. Next, enter your Aadhaar number

Step 4: Re-enter the Aadhaar number again and click on “update”. All of the info are displayed on the screen, verify them and click on “verify” to finish the manner

Step 5: On finishing this, your HDFC account and Aadhaar gets linked in next three-four operating days

Link Aadhaar with HDFC Account through travelling Nearest ATM

Step 1: once you entire your transaction, at the ATM display screen prompts the message “link Aadhaar in your bank account”

Step 2: choose “yes” to continue further

Step 3: input your 12-digit Aadhaar number to compete the linking of Aadhaar to HDFC account

Link Aadhaar Card to HDFC bank Account through online Mode

Step 1: once you login for your HDFC internet Banking account, and then click on “link Aadhaar Card details”

Step 2: you'll then be directed to the web form, where you have to input the details

Link Aadhaar and HDFC Account through phone Banking

For Linking Aadhaar and HDFC bank via mobile banking, you want to have all the mobile banking IVR and subsequent choose financial institution account choice on IVR.

Step 1: pick out the language, after which pick “choice 1”

Step 2: You need to validate by means of the use of “customer identification and TIN” or “Debit Card wide variety and PIN”

Step three: For any requests, you have to select “alternative 6”, and then “alternative 2” for requests

Step four: Then, for updating Aadhaar variety, pick “choice eight” and then re-enter the Aadhaar card

Step 5: IVR will send you a message that your Aadhaar range might be updated in subsequent three-four days

Step 6: after you complete these steps, you'll receive a confirmation message in relation with the request and date

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Link Aadhaar and HDFC bank Account through SMS

Follow the steps to complete the linking:

Step 1: to your Aadhaar registered mobile, type AS area space space

Step 2: send the SMS to 5676712

When you send the message, you may receive a confirmation message to your mobile.

Advantages of Linking Aadhaar and HDFC financial institution Account

Mentioned below are the advantages of linking aadhaar to the bank account.

  1. Direct advantage transfer of LPG subsidy into the bank account
  2. Receive the advantages of scholarships and pension within the HDFC account
  3. Taking the benefit of Aadhaar-enabled charge structures (AEPS)

How to test if Aadhaar is linked to the bank Account

HDFC customers now additionally have the option to cross-check if their bank account is connected to 12-digit Aadhaar card. There are three approaches to test if the account is connected along with Netbanking, mobile banking and get in touch with banking.

go-Checking via the use of internet banking:

Knowing the importance of your Aadhaar and bank account linking is straightforward and may be completed seamlessly. Below are the steps that will help you test the linking.

Step 1: First, login to your net banking account by typing the username and password

Step 2: Pick account, after which click on “Request”

Step 3: subsequent, click on “View/replace Aadhaar number” to check the modern repute

Checking thru Mobile banking:

Step 1: Login to your mobile banking portal with the username and password

Step 2: choose “accounts” from the list

Step 3: Click on “Request” and then pick out “View/update Aadhaar number” to know your Aadhaar and bank account linking

Verification through telephone banking:

Customers who need to verify the their application through mobile banking should contact the 24/7 consumer care or can write at

FAQs on Linking Aadhar and HDFC Account

When you have applied for an Aadhaar card, then you will surely have an enrolment acknowledgment slip. Details mentioned inside the slip, can be used to download e-Aadhaar from UIDAI internet site.

As in keeping with the PMLA guidelines by the government, all of the bank accounts owed need to be linked to Aadhaar by 31 March 2018. In case you miss the remaining date then, the account could be un-operational until the linking is finished.

If you are having a joint account, then updating the alternative accounts also are essential.

Yes, linking Aadhaar to minor account is also mandatory. Customers can complete the process by means of smartphone banking, mobile banking or visiting the nearest branch.

The account which are opened under partnership, personal Ltd, Public Ltd., society, clubs, sole proprietorship or trust are non-individual bills. Yes, the Aadhaar linking is mandate for non-individual accounts.