Should you have multiple credit cards

Should you have multiple credit cardsIn this fast world were people have less time and more things to look at, it is natural that they would rely more on plastic money than carrying liquid cash. In the ideal world, we would need one or two cards to meet our needs of plastic money. However, as we are exposed to a world of sales calls, emails and SMS’s from banks trying to sell us a credit card we might end up taking more than one credit card. We at mymoneykarma want to share the unbiased perspective of positives and negatives of having multiple cards so that you can make a decision of what works best for you.
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11 IMP things to know before you apply for a credit card

11 Important thingsA credit card may appear like simply one more instrument to help you transact in a cashless manner, however it can be significantly more. Whenever utilized correctly, a credit card can help you build a decent credit record as a consumer, permitting you to get benefits of a having a good credit score. Basically, a credit card can be significantly more valuable than your debit card if you use the credit card in the correct way.
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Right way to apply for a credit card and get approved

Approved Applying for a credit card nowadays is as straightforward as entering your data into an online form and clicking “submit.” But getting approval for a credit card requires planning that ought to begin much earlier than you apply. If you keep the following 4 points in mind you will have a higher probability of getting your credit card application approved.

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Is Balance transfer right for you ?

Balance transfer right for youIdeally, nobody would like to revolve credit on their credit card. We would all pay off the bills every month and never need to stress over managing interest charges or swelling minimum payments on our cards.
However overspending happens, sometimes not entirely by your own mistake, but is due to some short-term adverse circumstances encountered by you.
In case you’re confronting a heap of credit card debt, doing a balance transfer may be a decent approach to make it vanish quicker. However, before you do that you got to be certain that doing the balance transfer is the best thing in your situation. The last thing that we at want is for you to take a decision that is not optimal for you. Read below to learn more about balance transfer and to figure out if it is the right thing for you

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How to Choose the Best Credit Card

Choose Best Credit CardToday with so many banks issuing a multitude of cards identifying the best credit card for yourself is a quite a challenge.
As no single credit card is superior to all others in all kinds or no one card is the best for all individuals, it is imperative that you do your research to find the best credit card before you apply for a credit card. We at want to empower you to compare your choices and ask yourself the right questions, based on that you can discover the card that is the best fit for your ways of managing money and credit circumstance.

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