Government Incentives for NRIs to Start Business in India

Government Incentives for NRIs to Start Business in India
India is a promising destination to start a new business. With a thriving market of over 1.35 billion people and an enormous economy, India offers a budding platform for numerous avenues for business.  NRIs (Non-Resident Indian) are the quintessential entrepreneurs that the country needs now. With more than 15 million NRIs and PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) living abroad, India currently has the world’s largest diaspora. Although India’s NRI pool forms around 1 percent of the country’s population, yet it is an indispensable cog in the wheel of its development. Apart from bringing in economic benefits of remittances of forex, NRIs also bring along a modern and global perspective. Therefore, they not only add technical and domain expertise to domestic startups but also act as angel investors. Moreover, new businesses create jobs, and employment generation is the stepping stone to economic growth. The Indian Government has realized that the NRI population can be instrumental in bringing about development and has thus started leveraging its potential by offering attractive incentives to encourage NRI investment in India.

Budget 2019 – The Middle Class Dream

Budget 2019 - The Middle Class Dream

Presented by the Union Minister for Finance, Mr. Piyush Goyal, on February 1, 2019, the interim Union Budget for 2019 is a much-needed tax relief for the salaried middle class. Income tax concessions for salaried class and lowered peak tax rates for corporates seem to be the mantra for 2019. The alternative focus remained on the farmers and senior citizens.

The Union Home Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, has called the Union Budget “historic and for the development of the common man.” The budget has undoubtedly focused on the common man this time, but it remains to be seen whether the Budget measures are implemented successfully.

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